Chowan Indian Land Conveyances 1733-1735

North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register Extracts

Please note that this document has been scanned and optically read.  This means that in places the old type may not have read or been interpreted correctly, causing anomalies in the print of this document.  If in question, refer to an original.

Vol. No. I, published quarterly
January, 1900

Historical and Genealogical Register

(Compiled from the office of Register of Deeds, for Chowan County, at Edenton, N. C. These records include all deeds and conveyances for Bertie and Hertford Counties to 1712, Tyrrell and Washington Counties to 1729, and Gates County to 1778. The names of the Bargainor and Bargainee are given, the date of the conveyance, number of acres of land or number of town lot, and the names of the witnesses to the instrument.)

Book W.
Pg 106

Thos. Hoyter, King of the Chowan Indians, Jeremiah Pushing, Charles Beasley, James Bennett, chief men of the tribe, to Michael Ward. 300 acres on Katharine Creek; 2d August, 1733. Test, John Freeman, Robt. Hicks. (Gates.)

Same, to John Freeman. 200 acres, part of Chowan town; August 3d, 1733. Test, Robert Hicks, Edward Ilowcoit, James Craven.

Same, to Henry Hill 50 acres land on Bennetts Creek ; August 4, 1733. Test, John Freeman, Michael Ward, Wm. Flemmons.


Pg 107

Chowan Indians, to Richard M’nchew. November 7,1734; 100 acres adjoining land of Aaron Blanchard, on the edge of Piney Marsh. Test, Benj. Blanchard, Jnms Taslin, James Brown.

Pg 109

Chowan Indians, to Henry Bonner. 320 acres in the Miry Branch, running down the Creek Swamp; December 15, 1735. Test, Nath’l Rice, Clerk of the Court.

Pg 113

Thomas Hiter, Chief of Chowan Indians, and other Indians, to Jacob Hinton. 200 acres land on Bennett’s Creek; November 15,1733. Test, Thomas Carman, Henry Hill.

Same, to Thomas Garrett. 400 acres on Gum Branch; April 11, 1734. Test, Michael Ward, Henry Hill. (Gates.)

Same, to James Hinton. 500 acres adjoining Jacob Hill; January 9, 1733. Test, John Alston, Thomas Garrett, Thos Carman, John Thomas. (Gates.)

Pg 114

Thomas Hoyter, King, and other Indians, chief men of the Tribe of Chowan Indians to James Brown. 100 acres adjoining Rountree and Hills land ; January 27, 1734. Test, Richard Minchew, Michael Ward, Benjamin Blanchard.

Same, to Michael Ward. 600 acres near new Poly Bridge, and John Freeman’s land ; November 7, 1734.

Same, to James Hinton. 100 acres adjoining lands of Lassiter and Wm. Hill; November 22d, 1734. Test, Henry Hill, Thomas Morris.

Same, to William Hill. 100 acres at the Fork of the Indian Swamp, adjoining Lassiter; November 4, 1734. Test, Thos. Jones, Robt. Forster.

Same, to Jacob Hinton. 50 acres head of Juniper Swamp, and up Mirey Branch; November 22d, 1734. Test, Henry Hill, Wm. Hill, Wm. Trevathan.


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3 Responses to Chowan Indian Land Conveyances 1733-1735

  1. Jill Pana says:

    Jacob Hinton would be my relative (ggg grandfather). He married Sarah Freeman, daughter of William II Freeman and Christian Outlaw . Aaron Blanchard was married to Zlipha Speight who was 1st cousin to Jacob Hinton. Jacob was related to James, John and William Hinton all lived on Catherine Creek and Bennett’s Creek during the early 1700’s. There are many records of Jacob Hinton buying land from the Chowan Indians in the Chowan area.
    Thank you.

  2. Nancy Crutchley says:

    …Freeman, Hinton, Speight…all in my tree. My line is through John Freeman Mansfield of Mary Mansfield (G-daughter of John Freeman and Tabitha Hoyter/Hiter.)

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