1716 NC Indian Child Slaves

North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register Extracts


Please note that this document has been scanned and optically read.  This means that in places the old type may not have read or been interpreted correctly, causing anomalies in the print of this document.  If in question, refer to an original.

Vol. No. I, published quarterly
January, 1900
Historical and Genealogical Register

(Compiled from the office of Register of Deeds, for Chowan County, at Edenton, N. C. These records include all deeds and conveyances for Bertie and Hertford Counties to 1712, Tyrrell and Washington Counties to 1729, and Gates County to 1778. The names of the Bargainor and Bargainee are given, the date of the conveyance, number of acres of land or number of town lot, and the names of the witnesses to the instrument.)

Book W.

Pg 299

John Whitemarch, to Wm. Bonner. One Indian Boy; June 3d, 1716. Test, Richard Colbros, Robert Hicks.

Pg 616

Abstracts of Conveyances

Thomas Pollock, to Thomas Bray; Mch. 3d, 1715. Thomas Bray hath lately intermarried with Martha Pollock, my daughter; with my consent and approbation, do hereby give and grant unto him as a marriage portion, a plantation lying on Chowan Indian Town Creek, joining on dwelling plantation of James Farlow, with all the stock, cattle, hogs, etc., negro man Dewey and his wife Phillis and her child, negro man Ming, his wife Jenny and her child, Frank and her child, one Indian girl named Nanny, and one white servant girl named Dale, one silver tankard, one silver cup, six silver spoons, bed and furniture, and all horses and mares now under said Martha’s mark ; Mch. 3d, 1716. Test, Thos. Pollock, Jr., Cullen Pollock, John Thackeray.


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