Tuscarora Identified by Land and Other Transactions – Part 7

The Land Leases

Beginning in 1775, there are a series of deeds for leases to a group of men who each receive deeds separately.

1775 – Book M page 317/318, Indians to King

Note, the list of names is repeated 3 times in this deed.  I am listing them once, with notes.

No acreage given, yearly rent…farm let..Town Swamp…mouth Licking Branch…blinde John’s…Horse Pocoson…Worley Jones…Town Swamp…99 years.

Dec 13, 1775, Whitmel Tufdick, “the King Indian” and the rest of the Tuscarora Indians and their airs (sic), William Cain, William Blount (Blunt in other iterations), Wineoak Charles Jr., Wineoak Charles Sr., Sam Bridges (Bridgers in other iterations), Lewis Tufdick, Isaac Wheeler (Whealer in other iterations), William Mitchell, Tom Robbard (Robards, Robarts in other iterations), William Pugh, William Baskit, John Robearts, Capt. William Blount (Blunt in other iterations), John Rodgers, John Owens, Tom Tommas (Tommor in other iterations), James Hix, James Wiggians, What Gibson, John Hix (not on first list in deed, but on the other two iterations), West Whitmell to William King for yearly rents, Town Swamp at beginning at the mouth of Lickign Branch…below Johnes…Worley Jones line, for 99 years.

Signed by:

John (I) Hicks, West Whitmell, TerKaRu Nation 1775, underneath this is the list of witnesses, and then the list of other signatures.  Registered in August court 1777 byoath of William King, witness.

James Mitchell (+) (Is this the William Mitchell in the body of the document above?)

Samuel Bridgers (N)

James Hix (W)

James Wiggians (+)

What Gibson (+)
Isaac Whealter or Wheatter (check mark)

Tom Roberts (7)

William (M) Basket

Lewis (x) Tufdick

Whitmell Tufdick (signs)

William Roberts (x) (not listed in document above)

William Cane (H)

Cap. William Blunt (x) (Capt. William Blunt and William Blount listed separately above, but only one signs)

William Pugh (+)

Wineoak Charles Junior (+)

John Rodges (-)

Wineoak Charles, Sen (X)

John Owens (+)

Tom Tommas (+)


Thomas Whitmell Junior

Michael King

William King Jun

Charles King

James Turner

Based on the Indian petition and the date on this deed, this would be the original, valid, deed.

I find it curious that both West Whitmell ad West Whitmell Jr. can both sign their names.


1777 – Book S page 676-678, Indians to Johnson

“Headmen of the Tuscarora” to John Johnston, (land description only partially readable in photo,) …Whitmel Tufdick field…Willie Williams, Willie Jones, ? Pugh….200 acres.

Whitmell Tufdick

Lewis (x)Tufdick

William (x) Roberts

William (x) Cain

William (x) Pugh

William (x) Basket

Wineoak (x) Charles

John (x) Randolph

Benjamin (x) Smith

James (x) Mitchell

Thomas Roberts

Charles Roberts

John Owens

Sarah Basket

William Blount/Blunt

Walter Gipson

Samuel Bridgers

West Tufdick and signed as West Whitemeal

Witness William Williams


1777 – Book S p 679-680, Indians to Hunter and others

Chiefs of the Tuscarora Indians to Thomas Hunter, yearly rent 8# proclamation money,…Pugh, Williams and Jones corner…head of Chocawench gut….Roanoke River, no acreage given

Tuscarora signers:

Whitmeal Tufdick

Lewis Tufdick

William Roberts

William Pugh

John Smith

William Cain

Wineoak Charles

On the signature page but not mentioned in the body of the deed:

William Rash (the ash is clear, the R is not)

Witness William Williams and Thomas Pugh Jr., registered January 1786


The above two deeds were transcribed from photographs of the deeds.  The balance were from copies of the deeds and were much clearer.


1777 – Book M page 314/315, Indians to Stone

Articles of agreement between Whitmell Tufdick, William Roberts, William Cain, William Blount (did not sign below), Tom Smith, John Smith and Lewis Tufdick of Bertie Co., Chieftans of the Tuscarora Indians on Roanoke River to Zedekia Stone of same. 10 Feb 1777. Sd chieftains were desirous that said Stone should clear land, joining Coniack Neck, Titus Edwards, Cesars Island, the river. Said Stone agrees not to disturb Joseph Lloyd & Thomas Smith & Sarah Hicks. Said Stone will be permitted to occupy the said land for the space of 99 years.

Signed by: William Basket, Molley Smith, Benja. (I) Smith, Sarah Hicks, Sarah (I) Baskett, Watt & Gibson (the & could be his mark), Whitmell Tuffdick, Thomas (x) Smith, John Rodgers, Samuel (7) Bridgers, William Roberts, Wineoak (S) Charles, Zedekiah Stone, John Owens (x), Thomas Roberts, William (x) Caine, Edward (x) Blount, John (x) Smith, James (x) Mitchell, John (I) Randle, William (x) Blount, Lewis (x) Tufdick, William (x) Pugh, West Whitmell (says mark but no mark made) Tuffdick. Witnesses: Thomas Pugh, Jr., Titus Edwards, Thos. Pugh, Sr.. May Court 1777. John Johnston Clerk of Court

Who are Joseph Lloyd, Thomas Smith and Sarah Hicks that are to remain undisturbed?  Both a Thomas Smith and Sarah Hicks sign documents, so it could be interpreted that these two people are tribal members who are living on this land, but what about Joseph Lloyd?


1777 – Book M page 315/16, Indians to Pugh

Whitmell Tufdick, William Roberts, William Blount (signed as Billey), Lewis Tufdick, John Randal (Randel), William Pugh, James Mitchel, Wineoak Charles, William Basket, John Owens (did not sign below), Thomas Roberts, Walter Gibson, Billy Cane, Chieftans and head men of the Tuscarora Indians in Bertie County to Thomas Pugh Sr. of same. 28 May 1777. The lease for 99 years at 8 pounds per year, land joining Black Gut Neck on Town Swamp…Roanoke River, 100 acres more or less.

Signed by:

Billey (x) Blunt

Wineoak (+) Charles

Ben (x) Smith (not listed above)

Walter (X) Gibson

Thomas (X) Roberts

John (R) Randel

Whitmell Tuffdick (signed)

Billy (X) Cane

Lewis (mark looks like a fish) Tufdick

Billey (x) Baskit

William (x) Pugh

Williams (x) Roberts

James (S) Mitchell.

Witnesses: Zedekiah Stone Jr., Thomas Whitmell Jr., May Ct 1777.


1777 – Book M page 316/317, Indians to Pugh and others.  This document is also found in the Lewis Thompson Papers at UNC in collection 716.

Note – the list of names is repeated 4 times in the body of the deed.  I have written then once here with notes if they varied.

Whitmell Tufdick, Chief of the Tuscarora and Wineoak Charles Sr., Wineoak Charles Jr., Billie Roberts, Lewis Tufdick, West Tufdick (signed as West Whitemell), Bill(i)e Blunt Sr., Bill(i)e Blunt Jr., John Rodgers, John Smith, Billie Pugh, Billie Baskit, John Hicks, Samuel Bridgers, John Owen(s), James Mitchell, Isaac (says James on third list of names) Cornelius (does not sign below), Tom Tomas (says Thomas on most iterations, does not sign below), & Walter (Walterly or Walterby on fourth iteration, does not sign below) Gibson, Chieftans of the Tuskarora Indians to Thomas Pugh, Willie Jones & William Williams. 2 Dec 1775. For the yearly rent of 80 Duffield Blankets, 80 Oznatrig Shirts, 80 pairs of boots to be made of half thicks which said shirts and boots to be suitable for the said Indians according to their different sizes, 50 pounds of powder & 150 pounds of shot to be paid to them… 2000 acres which was part of the land called the Indian Lands, joining Town Swamp at Sam Williams line, the old path that leads to Unarowick Swamp, swamp where James Wiggins lives called Unrintaroud, Unrinta Road, Quitana Swamp, Rocquist, Jones, Williams, Pugh, excepting 300 acres Wm. King now tends.

Some of the men appear to have signed their names.  The rest sign with an X or a mark.

Bille (/) Cain (not shown above)

John Hicks (signed) (not shown above)

John Rogers (signed)

John (xx) Owen

James (/) Hicks

Bille (S) Smith (not shown above)

Bille (/) Mitchell (not shown above)

Bille (x) Pugh

Wineoak (7) Charles Sr.

James (mark looks like u laying on its left side) Mitchell

Bill (+) Blount Jr

Samuel (//) Bridgers

Tom Roberts Jr. (unusual mark under his name looks like two fishhooks crossed) (not shown above)

Whitmell Tufdick (signed) (not shown above)

John (/) Smith

Bille (S) Roberts (signed)

Bille (c)Blunt Sr.

West Whitmell (signed)

Wineoak Charles Jr. (space says his mark but no mark made)

Lewis (x) Tufdick

Witnesses Henry Bate, John Pugh Williams and William Williams Jr.

In the above document, some men are listed who don’t sign, and some sign who aren’t listed.  West Tufdick/Whitmel seems to use both surnames interchangeably.


Book M page 318/319, 1777 Indians to King, recorded November Court 1777

April 7, 1777, between Whitmill Tufdick, William Roberts, Tom Smith (does not sign below), John Smith, Lewis Tufdick, William Cane and Tom Roberts (does not sign below) Chieftains and Headmen of a nation of Tuscarora Indians inhabiting on Roanoke River in Bertie County and William King, planter, beginning at the mouth of a branch at the lower end of Sesars [Ceasar’s] Neck, up the branch by Tom’s old field….in consideration of the labor by him performed clearing a part of the land within the boundaries…authorized to possess “a certain quantity” of land for 99 years, no acreage given.

Wineoak (X) Charles

Wot (backards N) Gibson

John (~) Rogger

Sarah(X) Dennis (says his mark like the rest)

Bette (X) Yollone

Molley (X) Wineoak (her mark)

Molley (X) Cain (her mark)

Michael King Jr. (probably white witness)

William King Jr. (probably white witness)

Tom (elll in script, all loops, may be more of a scribble) Roberts

James (X) Mitchell

Bethey or Athey (X) Blunt (doesn’t say his or her mark, no caps)

*John (X) Smith

John (X) Oin

Ben (X) Smith

*Thomas (X) Smith

Molley (/) Smith (her mark)

*Whitmill Tufdick (he signs)

*William (X) Cane

*Lewis (R) Tufdick

William (X) Blunt

*William (J) Roberts

William (+) Basket

William (II) Pugh (his mark looks like two capital Is with the top and bottom lines connecting)

Sarah (X) Basket (her mark)

Nane (X) Owens (her mark)

Betty (X) Blunt (her mark)

Samuel (X) Bridgers

Michael King Jr.

William King Jr.

Registered at the November 1777 court proven under the oath of subscribing witnesses Michael King Jr and William King Jr.

By the oaths of Michael King and William King, two subscribing witnesses, ordered to be registered, Nov Court 1777.

Many more people signed this document than were listed in the verbiage section.  The people with an * before their name were listed in the deed verbiage, the rest were not bud signed anyway, including several women.

Based on the information in the Indian petition, and the dates, this would be the second, fraudulent lease.


1777 – Book M page 319 – Indians to Edwards

July 7, 1777

Whitmell Tufdick, William Roberts, William Cain(e), William Blount, Thomas Smith, Lewis Tufdick, West Tufdick, chieftains of the Nation of Tuscarora Indians living on Roanoke River to Titus Edwards in consideration for the labor he will have to expend to clear the 60 acres of land, to inhabit the land for 99 years.


William (x) Pugh

West Whaell Tufdick (rs squiggle)

John (IR) Randell

Benjamin (x) Smith (not listed above)

William (x) Blount

Samuel (x) Bridgers (not listed above)

John (+)Smith? (not listed above)

William (x) Roberts

Wineoak (+) Charles (not listed above)

Whitmell Tufdick (signed)

Lewis (squiggle) Tufdick

William (x) Baskett (not listed above)

What (x) Gibson (not listed above)

Thomas (x) Smith

William (x) Cain

John (x) Cain (not listed above)

There is a note on page 320, Nov 1777 court, that the foregoing deed was not registered “in course being wanted.”

Witness Zedekiah Stone Jr.

Registered November 1777 by the oath of Zedekiah Stone, a subscribing witness.

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    Bureau of Indian Affairs designated these King as Meherrin, according to Meherrin tribal members.

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