Petition Sundry Inhabitants South of French Broad

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Petition Sundry Inhabitants South of French Broad

North Carolina General Assembly Session Records

Nov-Dec 1789, Box 4, Folder 81

Source: North Carolina State Archives

109 E. Jones St. – Raleigh, N.C. 27601

Transcribed from Photocopied Document Received December 2003

The following set of documents include the names of many men who lived in Eastern Tennessee in 1789, names that might not be found in any other records. These men were living on Indian territory that had not been purchased by the United States. They were considered trespassers. Most of them had lived under the State of Franklin, but once that was disbanded, they belonged to no state, no nation. These petitions were written to the North Carolina Assembly, asking for help. Many of these people stayed around and eventually gained legal possession of their land almost 20 years later, but others gave up and left the area, not leaving any evidence behind in county and state records besides their names on these petitions. Many names were hard to read, because of handwriting, faded ink, folds, or missing edges. We’re sure our “guess” may not have been what you see or know to be there. But, every effort was made to transcribe names and narrative exactly as we saw it written. Words are spelled as in the documents, and dotted lines represent illegible writing.


Ms. Connee Lee (Brown) Kroeger, Deer Park, Texas (transcription completed 26 Jan 2005)

Mrs. Sheran Ann (Cooper) McCants, Spring, Texas (transcription completed 26 Jan 2005)

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To the Honorable the Commisners appointed on behalf of the United States to treat with the

Chereece Indins—-

The memorial of the Inhabetents So, of French Broad humbly Sheweth= that your memoralists being indused by the Laudable Intention alone of promoting publick as well as privet Intrust and Ineuriged by the uniform liberil conduct of States holding vacant teretory towards the first adventurers taking pesesion of the same have Immegrated from Defferent quarters of the Empier and settled our selves in the territory above mentioned as we beleave not only with the countenance and protection but Even upon the Soliseon of government so far as gives our Setling here to us Every appearance of being strictly legil the Solletary Effects of which has Been felt by us and Observed by forenors and as our setlers had the appearance of legality so our conduct towards the chercees has been Just and Agreable we have had their consent for setling the land repeatedly the

price and purchesis being by boath parties refeared to the futer Determanation of government but as Events unfore seen by your memorelists have taken place which renders our lives and properties unsecure and government rather seems to frown on us than to Extend protection in our Distreses which have given us a great alarm as fully sensible of our precarious situation we now gentlemen turn our atention to you knowing you to be vested with ample power to releave us from our present Deficulties and Dangers that is to have the time dividing the Citizens of the united States from the

Chercees Indens Extended sofar as to take in the settlements by which meanes we will againe becom ordely Citizens and be set in a Sittuation in which government will take notis of us and give us the

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protection of those bearing laws under whose Influence and Instruction we Exspect to be secure and hapy youre memorolists beg leave to inform you that from youre humble and patriot Carceters we have the most flatring

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Hopes of releaf from our present distreses well assured that no Exartion on youre part will be wanting in our faver knowing that virtue is its own rewarder and no Action is more Meretorieous then than to releave a multitude of the humen family from distress and ruin the purity of whose Intentions what Ever may be their mistakes will plead for them youre Memorelists to Desier that you wold do them the Justice to rest assured that they repose an unbounded confidence in youre Integrety and attachment to their Instrust = and as in duty bound Shall Ever pray.

Alexr Mtgomery John McClellan

Arcel Fox John Mahan

……… Gas……ce Burton Prid

Daniel (?) Vancil (?) Anthony Lawson

Isaac Skilman Jeff …………

Alexr Mcglalin Senr John Parks

Daniel Mcglalin James Handy (?)

Barefoot Runyon Woolsey Pride

John Hiser Hugh Johnson

Benjamin Fanshire Rott (?) Magill (?)

Richard Fanshire Vallentin (?) …………..

David Fanshire James Oldam

George Hallmark …………. (on fold)

David Horton John Briar/Brian

William Smallwod Wm Melton (?)

Alexr Meglalin Juner John Moon

Joseph Tayeler John Parker (?)

Flayl (?) Nichols ………..

William Galther?. Robert (?)…………

Jas Walker (?)

(Page 3)

John Menis John Houston

Joseph McReynolds Robt Wilson

Enos Bowman David Caldwell

Olin/Alin (?) Alexander Thomas Dickison

John Alexander John Kelley

El…..Alexander Thomas Caldwell

John Dunkin Alexander Ewing

James Maginly James Beard

John Jackson John Cloid

James Telford Matthew Russell

……… Tedford Ezekiel Cloyd

James McKenny John Singeleton

John Tedford John Thompson

Barclay McGhee Robert Hanna

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James ……. Joshea Hannah

………….. James Gillespie

……..w Jackson Thos Brown

Joseph Tedford Calvin Johnson

Samuel Jackson James McAlister (?)

James Houston …………

Matt Houston …………

Samuel Henery (?) Jas Gillespy

James Houston John McCain

Patrick Young John Coats

Alexander McEwen

Samuel Houston

(Page 4)

To The Honourable the general assembly of the State of N. Carolina the petetion of Sundry inhabitants South of French Broad river humbly Sheweth

That Amongst the repeated depredation committed on us by the Chirakee Indians within these ………… ………….. there has been a great number of horses stole, It is the bereft prayer of your petitioners that if a Treaty is ……. With that nation and a purchase made of the lands we reside on that a deduction be made from the sum promised them for their

lands to the amount of the value of the horses that they have taken from the white people and that each person may receive a certificate for the value of their horses thus lost which will be received by government in the purchase of lands yet to be entered in this state and your petitioners as in duty bound Shall ever pray

Saml Newell William Reagan Samuel Mcmurrey Jr

Wm Upton Charles Reagan Robert Mcmurry

Wm Houston John Reagan John Caldwell

John Kerr Jacob Thomas George Berry

Mathew Houston Henry Thomas James Scott

Jas Black George Erving John Lowry

Charles Logan William Lowry George Caldwell

Littlepage Sims Wm Mcmurrey Thomas Waller

Saml Newell (?) Snr Samuel Mcmurrey Sn Samuel Weir

Benjamin Tipton Hugh Weir

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John Clack T. Wallace Senr

Wm Wallace Robert Thompson

Wm Henderson Senr James Thompson

Joseph Beavers Thomas Wallace J

John Henderson Joel Wallace

Thomas Henderson John Beavers

Jesee Wallace Eliz (?) Rodgers

Wm Henderson Jnr James Bevers

Robert Henderson

Meshick Tipton

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James Magers

David Emmens

James Rodgers

Henery Rodgers

Robert Carr

Ollipher Wallace

John Wallace

Samuel Mcclalan

Saml Thompson

Wm (?) Thompson

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To the honourable the general assembly of the State of N. Carolina the petition of Sundry

inhabitants on the unappropriated Tarittory South of French Broad river humbly Sheweth

That your petitioners having seated themselves on the above taritory with views to

promote publick Deconomy equely with …………… advantage desire to submit to laws and conform to the requisitions of government, and to live in that orderly manner that would insure to us the countenence and protection of Just and Equitable laws formed only to …………… by virtue and surpress the reicious. And your petitioners being feelingly seenceable how distructive the D…….. that hav of late pervaded this district Has been to publick as well as private happiness and how much we are both as a community and individually exposed to the savages as well of internal as ……… external enemies, humbly implore the interpoletion of your honourable body that you would commiserate our present distress and grant us relief by extending to us the protection of government that we may with other citizens participate of those blessings common to all Christian

and enlightened people under the influence of Just laws and the auspices of a well regulated commonwealth. And whereas your petitioners has in the course of their settling and defending the taritory

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………………(cut off) numberless hardships and dificultys Particularly in a…………. Indian war by which they are much impoverished. It is their hunble petition to your honourable body that when you in your wisdom think proper to open a land office for the taritory before mentioned that you would grant to each actual adventurer a pre-emtion of the land on which he lives, on as moderate terms as you may Judge consistant with Justice and sound policy; Also reasonable time for each settler to raise the Severel Sums required of them by government for the purchase of their lands.  It is farther the earnest prayer of your petitioners that an Entritaker be appointed amongst us to take in the entrys of sd lands which will save to the poor inhabitants the enormous expence that will nasasarily occur if they have to travil to the seat of government or some interior part to enter their lands as thare is many who may prosobly be able to enter a small tract on which they Could mentain a helpless family would nevertheless fail in raising money to support them to and from the entritaker office if it was to be fixed in some distant part of the State.

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And your petitioners as in duty bound shall ever pray—

Saml Newell Oliver Alexander John Singeleton

Jos. Black John Dunkin James Gillespe

Saml Newell Senr John Thompson

Benjamin Tipton John Alexander Thos Brown

Jos Bogle Ebn Alexander Calven Johnson

John McLain James Maginly James McAlister

Adam Dunlap George Tedford Robert hanna

John Kerr James Cunningham William Massey

James Dunlap James Tilford James Gillespy

John Dunlap Barclay McGhee John McCain

Page Sims Andrew Jackson John Coats

Mathew Houston John Jackson

John Culick (?) James ……….

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Wm Houston Joseph Tedford

Charles Logan Samuel Jackson

Charles Reagan John Tedford

John Reagan James Houston

Henry Reagan Matt Houston

William Reagan Samuel Henery

Jacob Thomas Alexander McEwen

Henry Thomas Patrick Young

George Ervng Samuel Houston

John Caldwell John Houston

William McMurrey Robt Wilson

Samuel McMurrey Snr David Caldwell

Samuel McMurrey Jnr John Kelley

Robert McMurrey Thomas Dickison

Thomas Waller Thomas Caldwell

John Menis James Beard

Joseph McReynolds Alexander (?) …………ey

E……. Bowman John Cloyd

Samuel Weir Ezekiel Cloyd

Hugh Weir William Russell

James Houston

Matthew Russell

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To the Honourable The Commissioners appointed in behalf of the United States to Speak with the Cherokee Indians. The Memoreal of Sundrey inhabitants South of French Broad humbly representeth. That your memorealsts being induced by the laudable intention alone, of promoting publick as well as private interest & encouraged by the uniform liberal conduct of States (holding

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vacant Teretorey) towards the first adventurers takeing possession of the same, have emigrated from different quarters of the Empire & seated ourselves in the Teretorey above mentioned (as we believe) not only with the Countenence & protection but even on the solicitations of government so far as gives our settleing here (to us) every appearance of being strictly Legal (the salutary conseequences of which has been felt by us & observed by wayfarers) And as our settlements had the appearance of legality, so our conduct towards the Cherokees has been just & equitable We have had their consent for settleing the land repeatedly. The price of purchase being by both parties refered to the future desesion of government. But, as events unforeseen by your Memorealists have

taken place which hinders our lives & properties unssecure & government appears rather to frown than extend ……… in our districts such has given us great alarm as fully sencible of our precarious



line devideing the Citezens of the United States from the Cherokee…….………………..

so as to include the settlements by which means we will again become orderly Citezens set in a Situation in which Government will take notice of us & give us the protection of those benign Laws, under whose influence & operations alone we expect to be secure & happy.  Your memorialists beg leave to inform you that from your humane & patriotick character we have the most flattering hopes of relief from our present distresses Well assured that no one action on your part will be wanting In our favour knowing that virtue is its own reward.

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(Much repeated from page 10)

….., & no action is more meritorious than the releaveing a ……..titude of the human family from distress & ruan, the purety of whose intentions (whatever may be their mistakes) will ever plead for them. Your memorialists desire that you would do them the justice to rest assured that they …………. An unbounded confedence in your integrety & attachment to their interest & as in duty bound shall ever pray.

Jno Sharkey(?) Soleman McCampbell

James Snodgrass

Joseph Shadon

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Petn of the Inhabitants So French Broad

(Page 13)

William Heckton David Cloyd Francies Casteel Calvin Johnston

Joshua Hannah(?) James Witherspoon Morriss Mitchel David Loveless

Robert Hanah James Wetherspoon Jacob Meek William Cher(?) John

McAlister John Whetherspoon Philip Vanrll(?) Micajah Carter

Jno Clark Hugh Con/Coor(?) Cunrode Hugson? James Anderson Junr

H.C. Brown(?) John McMahon James Williss James Anderson Senr

Jno Burden Nicholas Bartlet Patrick Statry? Thos Anderson

William Gillespy Robert Perl James Perl John Bayle

James Gillespy Adam Peck Benjamin Burden William Sneed

Matthew Russell James Mitchel Leonard Mouts/Moriss John Thomas

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John Singleton Benjaman Litle John Casteel Charles Thomas

John Cloyd William Tipton William Burden Thomas Wray

Davis Stockton John Wheler Antony Buley William Wray

James Stockn Nichodemus Keeth John Doyl John Wray

Samuel Stockton John Burden John Lashly John Hitchcock

Isaiah Hamilton John Thirmon(?) John Philips William Hitchcock

Will…. Lee Edmond Casteel(?) John Dearmond Senr Lammas McCarty

William ………. John Dearmond Juner John Gillespy(?) Senr

Samuel Dearmond John Gillespy Junr

James Dearmond William Cowan

David Dearmond Alexander Gillespy

Paul Cuningham John ……..d

Humphrey ……….

(Page 14)

George Ewing John Hook David Caldwell Jas. Gillespy Jur

Alex Ewing John Clark John McCuleth John Walker

John Kelley James Beard Wm Beard Jas Gillespy

Jas Gillespy Andrew Giffin(?) John Hooks Robert Gillespy

Thos McCollack David Caldwell Joseph McReynold John Ash(?)

Warner Martin William St……. Jas Ewing John Carson Senr

Saml Glass Alexander Hooks(?) Jas Mc……… John Carson Junr

John Gowan Sal McCarter James …….. Wm Henry

Thomas Caldwell George Caldwell David Caldwell Sen John McComb

Ezel Cloyd Thos Topson(?) ……….. Nicholas H…l(?)

John Caldwell Wm Ewing James Upton David Eagleton

….. McMurry(?) ……………. John Mcain Daniel Mckinzey

Charles Reagan Snd John ……… Jas Bogle Snr Jos Black

William Reagan Adam Dunlap John Williams John Cussick(?)

James Ray John Lesley Jonothan Cunnanham John Coats(?)

Page Sims William Hutton Jacob ……mann Jos? Bogle Junr

Benjamin Tipton David White David Linsey Wm Houston

Saml Newell Snr Benjamin Allen John Reagan Henry Ragan(?)

Jerimiah McCarter Andw Bogle Saml? Bogle Ibram? Horton(?)

James Dunlop William Upton Peter Avery?

John Hyne(?) Wm Johns(?)

Richard Wiliams

John Wiliams

John Dunlap

(Page 15)

Robert Fergison Jos Scott James Mckenney Wm Cavenieug(?)

Henry Fergison Joseph McConnel(?) Jas Tedford David Craig

Hugh Fergeson Saml Henry Joseph Tedford John Houston

Joseph McReynold Bartley McGee John Tedford Jas Houston

John Hanna Oliver Alexander George Tedford Robert Wilson

John Hanna Junr John Duncan John Lowrey Saml Houston

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Joseph Hart Jas McGinley Moses Cuningham Matthew Houston

John Alexander John Perll(?) Edward Eagins

208 Ebenezer Alexander Henry Fergison Archibd Sloan

120 John Craig Robert Hamble John Sloan

Total No-328 Jas Craig Senr John Jackson Alexr Sloan

Jas Craig Junr Andw Jackson Jas Sloan

Jas/Jos Roddey(?) Saml Jackson James Cuningham

John Kinney?

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To the honourable the commissioners appointed on behalf of the United States to trade with the Cherokee Indians The Memorial of the Inhabitants So of french broad humbly sen…th that your memoralists Being Indu………. By the Laudable Intention alone of promoting publick as well as private intrest and incouraged By the Uniform liberal conduct of States holding vacant teretory toward the first adventurers taking possession of the same have Imigrated from Diferent quarters of the Empire and setteled ourselves in the territory above mentioned as we believe not only with the countinan… And protection But Even upon the Solicion of government so far as gives our setteling here to us Every

apearince of Being Strictly Legal this solutary Efects of which has been felt by us and observed By forenors and as our settelers have the apearince of Legality so our conduct toward this Cherokees has been Just and Equatable …… have had their consent for setteling this land Repeatedly the price and purchase Being By Both parties Referd to the future Determination of Government But as Events unforeseen By your memorilists have taken place Which ……. …. Lives and properties unsecure and government Rather seems to frown on us than to Extend protection In Distress which hase given us ……. Alarm as fully sencible  Of our precarious situation over now Gentlemen turn our atention to your knowing you to Be vested with ample power to Reliev us from our present Dificulties and Dangers that is to have this line Dividing the citizens of the United States from the

Cherokee Indians Extended so far as to take the settlements by which means we will again Become orderly citizens and be Set in asituation in which government will take Notice of us and give us the protection of those Bening laws Under whose Influence and atoration alone we Expect To Be sesure and hapy your Memoralists Beg Leave to Inform you that from your humane and patriot carecters We have the most flattering hops of Relief from our present Distrasses Well assured that no Entention on your part will be wanting in our favour knowing that Vertue is its own Rewarder and no action is more Meretores Than to Releive amultitude of the humane family from Distress and Ruin the purity of whose Intentions Whatever May be their mistakes will plead for Them Your

memorilists Desire that you Would Do them

(Page 17)

the justice to Rest assured that the Ripose Our unbound confidence in your Intigrity and attachment to their Intrest and as in Duty Bound shall Ever pray.

Spencer Clack Wm Addom

Jesse isbell Samuel Addom

William Isbell Sam S……….

Joseph Byrd David (faded).

Jesse Byrd J….. Ford?

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John Blane Peter Addam

John Byrd Wm Melton/Mellor Jun

James Cameron Sam Bird

Larken Rogers James Bird

Alexander Reed (faded)

James Cameron Senr Wm Millor

(faded) Rogers Zacariah Ja (faded)

James Beavers Roger(?) Renfro(?) Jun

…on Hamilton Obadiah(?) Clack(?)

Patrick Hamilton Roland Clack

Patrick (faded) Siles(?) Coor (?)

Joseph Woods James Tomson/Samson

James Woods Abram Moon

John Woods James Davis

Tobius Wilhelms (?)

William Moon

Jesse Moon

Wm Pride?


Joseph Willson

Adam Willson

Alexander Anderson(?)

James Willson

Joseph Dickson

Hugh Dickson

(faded) Dickson (?)

(Page 18)

5 Mar, 30, 1789

Your Committee to whom, the case of the people residing South of French Broad River

was…….. Report That previous to an Act of the General assembly passed in 1783, reserving certain lands to the use of the Indians, near an hundred families were settled on the Territory South of French broad. —– That by the above recited act those families were left in that part reserved to the Indians for hunting grounds. —- That as early as 1782, His Excellency Governer Martin did appoint John Sevier, Charles McDowell and Wrightstill Avery esquires, or any two of them commissioners to hold

a Treaty with the Cherokee Indians. That on the 31st of May 1785, John Sevier did Treat with several of the headmen of the said nation in a fair and open manner for all lands below Browns line south of Holston and low as the dividing Ridge between Tennessee and

(page 19)

and little River, for which lands, the Indians were to receive a compensation, which compensation from unavoidable accidents has not been yet paid your Committee therefore Report it adviseable that a law be passed to comply with The said Treaty (faded) and upon the whole Your Committee are of opinion it would be expedient for this assembly to pass an act for extending the boundary of

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Greene County so as to include these settlers, and criet Them into a separate and distinct Battalion of Militia, the officers of which shall be appointed in the usual mode, and also so many Justices of the peace as may be necessary which Justices shall be considered as Members of the Court of Greene County —– Your committee further recommend to this general assembly that some person be appointed to pay the said Indians agreeably to the said Treaty who shall be furnished with a sum of of money not exceeding L600, to be laid out in goods which shall be paid down to the Indians or so much thereof as he shall find necessary to satisfy them for the purchase

(Page 20)

purchase of said lands. —- That an Entry taker be appointed by this General Assumbly for the District South of French Broad and the said Entry taker so appointed shall not enter upon the duties of his said office until the Treaty herein alluded to be complied with and after such compliance the said Entry Taker shall proceed to take Entrys for the lands aforesaid, and shall take and receive for the use of the State the sum of eight shillings in the Current money of this state and Ten pounds in specie Certificates for each and every hundred acres of land entered in his office – and that each and every person in the said district who have made any improvements be intitled to a right of preemption and shall be allowed twelve months to enter the same, — Your Committee further report that upon the lowest calculation upon the quantity of land eight shillings per hundred will produce the sum of L1200 which will fully reimburse the Treasury all the cash advanced for goods and expenditures with interest

(Page 21)

all which is submitted

Wm Lenoir Chm

North Carolina

In Senate 30th Novem 1789

The foregoing report was read and concurred with. —

Chas Johnson Sp

By order

J. Haywood Cl

In House 5th Decr 1789

Read and concurred with

By order S. Cabarr…SHC

J Hunt CHC

(On side, if page folded) Report of the Com. On Petr of Inhabitants South French Broad

(Page 22)

North Carolina

In Senate 24 Nov. 1789

M Speaker & Gent

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We consent that the petition (faded) A number of the people (torn)ving South of the French

Broad River be referred us by you (torn), and have added (torn) to the Committee our (torn)

Chas Johnson Sp.

(torn)ood Cl

(Page 23)

(file label)



Mr. Stuts? Letter is Gov. Do Ass ….. Ohi… ……- Seviers Mems & Instruction from Gov.

Martin—North Carolina

(Page 24)

North Carolina

………… 24 Novr 1789

Mr. Speaker and Gentlemen

We herewith recd you The Petition of Sundry the Inhabitants South of French Broad

River which we proper …….. to the Committee in Indian Affairs and have added to this Comte Mr.

Davie, Mr Stephens(?) & Mr. McDowall

S. Cabarrus S.H.C.

By order …….. Use

By order

J Hunt CHC

(Page 25)


Petr from French Broad

(Page 26)

The said County, & subjects in every law to the Same Rules & Regulations— provided always that the Inhabitants of this annexed Territory to Green County, shall form separate Battalion of Militia by the Name of the Western Battalion of Green County, which Battalion shall be or formed in the same manner as the Second Battalion of Rowan County; and the Said Battalion shall assemble together for a General Muster whenever called upon at (big space), any law or custom to the Contrary not withstanding— DELE

Be it further enacted that Every Head of Family of the said annexed Territery shall be

intitled to a preemption of Six hundred & forty acres of land which if not already entered, they shall enter with the Entry taker of Green County, paying for the Same, this purchase money to the State, the Sum of Eight Shillings Current Money & Sixty four pounds in Certificate of the State; besides the Entry taker’s fees; and the Surveyor of the said County of Green is hereby directed to Survey all Such Entries in the manner prescribed by Law for all other public Surveys— DELE

Be it further enacted that (big space) shall be & are hereby appointed Commissioners to

Grant to every Head of family a Certificate of his being intitled to a preemption right as above,

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which Certificate shall be lodged by the party obtaining the Same in the Entry taker’s office of the County of Green, who shall not admit of any Entry without such Certificate being produced; and provided that no other Entry of Land within the said Territery shall be received by the Entry taker, than Such which may be made in Conveyence of preemption Right Be it further enacted that all Laws or part of Laws which may come within the preview of this act, are hereby repealed & made null and void to all intents & purposes, as if the same Land (All of page 26 and 27 have “Dele” written over the pages, which I assume means these pages are to be deleted from the document.)

(Page 27)

H.C. Dec. 12, 1789

Bill for the Relief of the Inhabitants on the South Side of French Broad River-DELE

Whereas it hath been represented to this General assembly that a number of Families did

settle on the South Side of French Broad previous to the passing of the Act of assembly in 1783, which reserves for the Cherekee Indians certain Land therein described, and Whereas John Sevier

Esquire One of the Commissioners appointed in the year 1782 by His Excellency Alexander Martin

Esquire then Governor, to hold a Treaty with the said Indians, did in the year 1785 in Consequence of his said appointment (as circumstances prevented a Treaty to take place sooner) actually treat in a fair & open manner with the principal Head Men & Warriers of the said Indian Nation for all the Lands situate below the Line commonly named Brown’s Line, South of Holston and as far as the dividing Ridge between Tennessee & Little Rivers, the Consideration of which purchase hath not yet been paid to the Indians by unavoidable accidents.

DELE Be it therefore enacted by the General Assembly of the State of North Carolina & it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same that (big space) Esq. shall be and is hereby impowered to draw from the State Treasurer on his Receipt the Sum of (big space) pounds to be by him applied to carry into Effect the above treaty entered into between John Sevier Esquire and the Cherokee Indians & to procure from the Said Nation, to the State of North Carolina, a Grant for the Territory bargained for by the said John Sevier.

Be it further enacted that all the above Territory situate below Brown’s line South of

Holston and as far as the Dividing Ridge between Tennessee & Little River shall be & is hereby annexed to the County of Green, & all the Inhabitants of the said Territory shall be & are hereby made part of the inhabitants of Green County, enjoying the same priviledges & advantages as the Inhabitants of

(Page 28)

A bill for the relief of the Inhabitants on the South Side of French Broad River—

In the House of Commons 12 December 1789 read the first time & passed

By order JHunt CHC

Mr Beck & Mr. Lassiter

In Senate 14th Dec. 1789 read the first time & passed.



Genl Sevier

Genl McDowall

In the House of Commons 15 Dec. 1789 read the second time & rejected

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By order JHunt CHC

(Page 29)

Up the Tennassee as far as the Virga Warford, thence a No East course to the Top of the Ridge which divides the waters of little River from Tenassee and with that Ridge continuing the general course to the So. Carolina line

(Page 30)

The line the Inhabitants So of French Broad prays to be Established between themselves & Indians

(Page 31)

H. Nov. 24, 1789

Petiton of the Inhabitants South of French Broad River—

(Page 32)

H.C. Nov. 24, 1789

To the Honourable the genrl assembly of the State of No. Carolina the petition of Sundry

inhabitants South of French Broad Humbly Sheweth that your petitioners hath for Some time past Experienced the utmost distress & greatest evils that a frontier can possibly be tristed With occationid by the want of the Regular administration of gevernment us which gieves opertunity to the wicked and desining to invent & carry on schemes of the most Ruinous nature & attend with the most destructive consequences to the peace & happiness as well as the interest of our infant settlements likewise the duly depradations committed by the Cherokees is no less oppressive & unjust which difficulties & many others we are Endavouring to bear with all the fortitude and patience we are possessed of with ardent hopes that your Honourable body will take undar your wise consideration the distressed situation of your petitioners & grant us relief by extending to us those Social blessings which we only Expect to feel undar the influence & operation of your mild

constitution & laws—your petitioners beg leave to inform your honourable body. The

improvements on which we first claimd our lands was mad undar similar circumstances and at the same time with those for which pre-emtions was granted by the legisleture of Ncarolina for lands inhabited N of French Broad & also the laws of franklin which at that time we put full faith in not only countenanced us in setting our sd. Claims of land but was urged on us undar a Severe penalty for nege… with the most flatering promises of protection & security in possession of the same your petitioner also begs leave to mention th.. have not in a disorderly forcable manner taken possession of the before mentioned land from the Indians we have had thier consent for settling sd land (faded in fold)…………………. & has uniformly (faded in fold)…… culti(missing) Strictest friendship and if at any time we have appeared anything unjustifiable on the Side of the white people towards the Indians it has neither been countenanced

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(Page 33)

nor approved by a large majority of the inhabitants South of French Broad your petitioners further beg leave to mention to your Honourable body that the Cherokees have at all times been reguardless of their Engagements to the State they have wantonly broke through the stipulations of treties & violated the peace (in a manner) in the verry instant of ratifycation in the first place it was stipulated by the articles of the treaty betwixt Virginia NC and the Cherokee indians in the year 1777 that the sd Indians Should return or make restitution for all the property taken in the war from the white the preceeding year and continue to lieve in peace & friendship with the citizens of the United States which the have never complyd with but on the contrary the have not only detained the property taken during the war above mentioned but have ever since practiced the most inhuman unprovoked murders & oppressive roberies on the good citizens of this & the neighbouring states & …… their most solemn Engagements to the commissioners of Congress at …………. In June last the have not dssisted in the least from their former practices but have continued their robberies in all Quarters within their reach on the western side of the mountain and Some of our citizens have fell sacrefice to their Savage cruelty also some of those unhappy people that have fell into the hands of the indians as captives are yet detained and can only be redeemed by Extravagant ransoms combinations of speculaters have also formed with intentions to deprive us of those lands in the defence of which we have had so many sufferings & only at an immence expense of blod & treasure holds possion of them it is therefore the Humble prayer of your petitioners that your Honourable body would pass an act fixing a line betwixt us & the Cherokees

(page 34)

………. Tulley Jamiah Odaul

Zac (?) Gross ?Mrs Thomas Stepens

Georg Adams William Whitson

Joseph White Jesse Nelson

Jonathan Wood David Job

Nicholas Woodfin William Coleman

John Evins Soloman Coleman

Henry Nave Charles Denney

John Brickey John Coleman

Robert (?) …menely John Dendin (?)

William Dun Thos Haney

Andrew Mclain/McCain James Slater

William Clopton William Sims

Joseph Freeney/Henry/Keeney Dunken McKessick

Richard Fry (?) John Nicols

John Smith Joseph Williams

John Wood Thos Williams

Daniel Laittrel (?) James Williams

Elexander Ramey David Nicols

Elijah Wood Georg Gross jr

Charls Ramey Georg Gross Snr

Thomas (faded) Peter Brickey

William Pryor Jams Drimen

francis Johnston Calep Odle

Page 15 of 19

Thomas Going Toms Odle

Ezekel Ray Moses Mckay

Jossaway (?) Movels(?) Thomas Woodfin

Daniel Job Niklas (?) Woodfin

Joseph Pryor William Heney (?)

Isaac Odell(?) Henery Jones

(faded) Mann (?) Georg Heney

William McCissick George (faded)

Laml Mackissac Danl Nicols (out of order, follows

Larken Mackissac David Nichols)

(page 35)

William Cumpton Wesley White

Robt Taylor James White

Danl Adams Alex Morrow

Wm Adams John McRoberts

James Seduscus Samuel McRoberts

Jacob Seduscus William Winton

Wm Allston (?) Zacceas Coplin

Hugh Doogan John Peery

Andrew Horn Jno Sehorn

Samuel Horn Ambros J/Geare

He…. Ward Robt Syfares

Alexr Rodgers Rickets Copland

Saml Wilson Jos. Copeland

William Guinn Jas Cunningham

Moses Ashbrook Wm Cunningham

Thomas Moon John Wintin

John McFarland Jas Wintin

Bejamin Marland Evens Lewis

George Mcfarland Jas. Ruddell

John Gilliland John Turnley

R. Douglass Wm Cathey

Wm Allen Jacob Dobkins

John Maybery Jos Davis

Mical yockim (?) Adam Lowrey

Thomas Beavers Jas Lowrey

John Beavers Amos Lewis

John More Geo Lewis

……m…..Taylor Jn Fulfer?

Craven Duncan

James Nickels

Samul Litterl

Joseph Hough

Fredereck Mayberry (out of order, follows John Maybery)

Page 16 of 19

(page 36)

Saml Lowrey William Moon

Wm Rusell James Wilson

John Haley Joseph Wilson

Jos? Carlock Alexr Anderson

Abrm Carlock Jno Dekson

Isaac Carlock Adam Wilson

Coorad(?) Good Saml Kerr

Jno Lewis Jacob Boughman

Jacob Lewis Jacob Dicson

Samuel Jack Saml Hamelton

Geo McNutt Saml Hendarson

Thos Rogers (?) Jas Sims

Seth Rogers Stephan Tence (?)

Isaac Rogers Thos Clerk

William Thrift Jas Creton

Evin Morgan Jos Turner (?)

John Calfee John Shields

Wm Morgan Geor Bush

Henry Netherton Jas Sturns

John Shaver Pat Hamelton

James Thurman (?) Jas Smith

Jas Adams Jesse Moon

John Cato Esmand Dirge (?)

Tom Richeson Jno Nave

Able Richison Senr Thos Doget

Able Richison Junr Saml Tomkins

Wm ..belk Pat Woods

Zachria …erll Abram Manning

Wm Bell Jos Moon

Mathew Bell Stephen Sims

Richard Vernal Senr Jno Jamison

Richard Vernal Junr Jas Weeks

Jno Wilson

A Duson Wilkins

(page 37)

Spenser Clack Clareancnce McLaughon(?)

David Cimmons(?) Fredreck Jee/Ice

Rolley Clack William Meller

James Bauvens(?) Oklayle(?) Vekele (?)

John Beauvers(?) John Wollece

John Clack William Lacker?

Joseph Beavours David Walden

James Beavors senr Joseph Tayler

Samuel Thomson Anthoney Lovon (?)

John Wallice John Dorker

Page 17 of 19

Cornelies Archer And. Thompson

John Fonsher Thomas Wallace

James Bauvers Joner(Jun?) Edmund Vancil

Jesse Isbel John Ominit (?)

Josiah Rodgers Robert Thompson

James? Haney James Thompson

Jorge Halmark John Thompson

Richard Fonsher Alaxeander McCormick

James Magonis (?) Heanrey Rogers

John Fonsher Eligha Rogers

John Mahon William Henderson Senr

Daniel(?) Rusel(?) William Heanderson Jur

Elaxr Mangamery Robert Heanderson

John Heanderson

(page 38)

Peter Every Charles Regin

Samuel Paxton Henry Regin

Barkley Magee Wm Regin

Mathew Wallis John Regin

Robert Hammel Charles Regin

John Telford Thos Waler

George Telford Wm. Grahom

John Devil William McMurry

David Egleton Robert McMurry

Daniel McCinsey Samuel McMurry

John Clark James Paul

Alaxr Hooks Joseph Prossor(?)

John Hookes Henry Tarewater

Robt Hooks Lewis Tarewater

James Guing/Ewing Jacob Niman

Wm Gering/Ewing Thos Hardon

Jacob(?) Shul(?) William Stockden

John Jamison Michal Carter

Tobias Grimmit Peter Douser

Philaman Higgan Isaac White

Thos Millar Senr

Jas Millar

Thos Millar Millar

(page 39)

Thos Caldwell Alexr Kelley

Thos Dixon John Witherspoon

John McMahan David Caldwell

Thos McColloch Mathew Russell

Wm Sneed Robert Hanna (?)

Page 18 of 19

Nicholas Bartlet William Garet

John Casteel John Byre

John Gillespy Senr John McColloch

John Gillespy Junr David Caldwell

Wm Gillespie John Hicklin

Jos Witherspoon Firvins Conner

David Craig Humphrey Montgom(rest cut off)

James Craig Senr William Gillespie

James Craig Jun James Gillespie

John Craig Stephen Byre

James McKenney Amos Byre Senr

James Scott Amos Byre Junr

Henry Ferguson John Kelley

Joshuah Hanna John Ewing

Nicholas Haril(?) Jas McColoch

Wm Henry Warren Martins(

)ohn ….ol (?) Andw …………

John Caldwell Joseph Hart

John Houston Jas Gillespie(?) Jnr(?)

Jas Houston James Gillespy Senr

Saml Houston James Hollins/Willis(?)

Matthew Huston James Ander

Lammis(?) McCarty John Singleton

Jacob Thomas ………..(?)

Jas Gillespie (out of order, follows Jos Witherspoon)

(page 40)

Phelly(?) Thomas Robert Fergeson

Wm Overstreet William Sproul

Adam Peck Henry Fergeson

Hugh Coor/Con David Caldwell

Saml Glass Samuel McColoch

Lenoard Mouts(?) James pierce

George Mouts (?) John Cord(?)

Saml Newell Archabald Ilsan(?)

Benjamin Tipton Wm Houston

John Cussick John Finley

Jno Cussick George Ewing

Joseph Cusick Stephen Graves

John Main Jerimiah McCarter

John Wiliam Thomas Smith

James Dunlop Jas/Jos Black

Ambros Legg John Johnston

Adam Dunlop Robert pierce (out of order, follows

Samuell Henery James pierce)

Samuel Barton

James Houston 424

George Moss

Page 19 of 19

Saml Houston Snr

Joseph Bogle Junr

Samuel Newell Jnr

John Coats

William Hinks

Alexander Sloan

John Dunlop (out of order, follows James Dunlop)

(page 41)

Know all men by these presents that I Rawleigh

James Heanderson

Mack Tipon

Thomas Heanderson

Mordecai Tipton

Jesse Wallace

Joel Wallas

Zekal Willimes

Oliver Wallass

John Clack

James Rodgers

Gorge Vinens (?)

John Clack

(page 42)

(Sideways) Pets of the Inhabitants South of French Broad River

In the


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6 Responses to Petition Sundry Inhabitants South of French Broad

  1. Barbara Erickson says:

    How wonderful! Many of my ancestors are mentioned. I will peruse it more carefully but right off the bat I can assist with a couple of “?”s In the first group: FLAYL IS the gentleman’s first name, He was a great…… uncle of mine. Later down, the name that stuck out at me was my own 5th great grandfather : Patrick Slatery. The surname is spelled incorrectly with a “?” -nothing new about that, but the correct spelling is SLATERY. My brother is named for him. In those days Patrick Slatery served as one of the original Tennessee Volunteers (from whence comes the state nickname) as a Pvt. in the War of 1812.
    THANKS So much for this new piece of our history!

  2. Thanks for finding and transcribing this document! Since it names so many people from Greene County, TN I’m sure it will help with family tree research. I know the Pryor researchers out there will be happy to have this!

  3. Would you be able to email me at I would like scanned or photos (celll phone is good) copies of William and Joseph Pryor’s signatures. You can see on my blog that we are trying to ID Pryors with common names by comparing signatures. There are so few documents available — your help would be WONDERFUL! .

    • I did not do the transcriptions. The names of the people who did are in the document. However, so is the identification of the document itself at the NC archives and I would suggest that you contact them and ask for scans of the document.

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  5. Pingback: Jane “Jenny” Dobkins (c1780-c1860), Roots 58 Years Deep – 52 Ancestors #232 | DNAeXplained – Genetic Genealogy

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