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Cameron’s Letter Regarding Survey of 1763 Proclamation Line

I want to thank our friend Mavis again for finding this wonderful document.  She says she reads Documenting the American South every morning over coffee.  I, for one, am very glad that she does.  Keep up the good work Mavis. Today’s … Continue reading

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Broken Tennessee Treaties

One of our subscribers, Don, spotted this great site provided by the Tennessee State Museum.  Thanks Don. On the site itself, there is additional information, but what struck me was the visual representation of what happened to the Indian lands … Continue reading

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Memoirs of Henry Timberlake – Cherokee Emissary

I love digitization projects.  They bring history, especially long out-of-print documents to all of us.  The Memoirs of Henry Timberlake is one of these documents and it’s downloadable through the Internet Archive. Henry Timberlake (1730 – September 30, 1765) was a colonial … Continue reading

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Mary Richardson, Born Free of Indian Parents

From Lisa Henderson’s blog, we find the following record about Mary Richardson. Headquarters Bureau Refugee Freedmen and Abandoned Lands SC Charleston SC Aug. 11th 1866 Major General O. O. Howard Commissioner General: I have the honor to present the case … Continue reading

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Mob Raitously Assembled in Bladen County, 1773

On December 18, 1773 the Governor sent a message to the Assembly enclosing a letter from Archibald McKissack, a justice of Bladen County, “relative to a number of free negroes and mulattoes who infest that county and annoy its inhabitants.” … Continue reading

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John Barnwell 1712 Letter Regarding Tuscarora War

As historians of early North Carolina know, John Barnwell, from South Carolina, along with the Indians loyal to South Carolina, laid waste to the Tuscarora in North Carolina during the Tuscarora War which began in 1711, continued through 1712 and 1713 … Continue reading

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The Tuscarora Surnames 1695 to 1892

While in the process of setting up the Tuscarora DNA project, I needed to find the names of the Tuscarora Indians who are documented in North Carolina before their removal to New York and in New York. The first part … Continue reading

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Part 8 of the Series, The Autosomal Me, Published

For those of you who have been following along as I extract my Native American segments from my DNA in order to find out which of my genetic and genealogical lines carried Native ancestory – Part 8 in the series was … Continue reading

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Wanted – Henry Berry Lowery – $300 Reward

Henry Berry Lowery is a well-known villain or hero, depending on your perspective.  He is clearly a legendary ancestor of the tribe now called the Lumbee.  Lots has been written about Henry.  One point of contention is whether or not he survived … Continue reading

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Card Carrying Indians vs Those Who Don’t

In the Indian world, those who have BIA “cards” are considered “real Indians” and those who don’t, aren’t.  It’s a sad commentary, really, because it draws a line in the sand and actively, systematically encourages both discrimination and the eventual elimination of … Continue reading

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