Mob Raitously Assembled in Bladen County, 1773

On December 18, 1773 the Governor sent a message to the Assembly enclosing a letter from Archibald McKissack, a justice of Bladen County, “relative to a number of free negroes and mulattoes who infest that county and annoy its inhabitants.”


McKissack’s list  was enclosed.

mob list

It is titled “A list of the mob raitously assembled together in Bladen County October 13th 1773.”  Listed in order are those rogues, raitously assembled:

  • Captain James Ivey
  • Joseph Ivey
  • Ephraim Sweat
  • William Chavours Clark commonly called Boson Chevers
  • Richd. Groom
  • Bengman [Benjamin?] Deel also possibly Dees
  • Willm. Sweat
  • George Sweat
  • Benjamin Sweat
  • Willm Groom Senr
  • Willm, Groom Junr.
  • Gideon Grant
  • Thos. Groom
  • James Pace
  • Isaac Vaun
  • [torn] Stapleton
  • Edward Lockelear
  • Ticely Lockalear

Also listed are “Harbourers of the rogues as follows:”

  • Major Lockalear
  • Richer Groom
  • Ester Cairsey

At the bottom: “The above list of rogues is all free negroes and mullatus living upon the King’s land.”

General Assembly Sessions Records, December 1773

Students of North Carolina Native history will recognize a number of surnames associated with the current Lumbee and Carolina Tuscarora tribes.

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Scientist, author, genetic genealogist. Documenting Native Heritage through contemporaneous records and DNA.
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11 Responses to Mob Raitously Assembled in Bladen County, 1773

  1. Linda Dail says:

    I believe there is a typo in one name- Longman DeeL (not Dees) which is most probably part of my Dail/Dial/Deal family. Our name was pronounced Dee – al therefore the many misspellings  over the centuries in the “New World”

    Linda Dail – Researching: Alexander,Allen,Berry,Bethea,Carraway,Commander,Dail,Deal,Dew,Dial,Exum,Finklea,Finckley,Fore,Forrest, Haselden,Hayes,Hunnings,Ives,Jackson,Jones,Lane,Mace,Mann,McCotter,Meekins,Murphrey,Phelps, Roberts,Rountree,Speight,Spivey,Smith,Sanders,Saunders,Tart,Tingle,Turnage,Williams


  2. El Jones says:

    Roberta, Thank you so much for sharing this original document . So many of us from this area along Old Drowning Creek tie our heritage back to this time, place , Native Ancestors.

  3. Hasan Grooms says:


    I believe your correction is incorrect in changing Dees to Deel. Please compare how the author writes his “s” at the end of a word. Deas, Dees, and Deese were also names associated with these families.

  4. hasan336 says:


    I believe changing Dees to Deel is a mistake. Look at the way the author writes his “s” at the end of a word. Deas, Dees, and Deese is a name that was associated with these families.

  5. J.J. says:

    I’m a descendant of Major Locklear on the list. There are DIAL and DEESE families in our community.

  6. Shawn Sweat says:

    Lol mulattoe must be a surname for a Native American that goes along with the Sweat Family…

    • Candie Walker says:

      Hi, I see you mentioned the Sweat family. My 2nd great grandfather was a Sweat, can you tell me anything about them?

      • Sherrie Starr says:

        I have been researching a William Sweat and his family. He was from Talbot County Md, moved to Surry County NC and finally to Wilson, TN. If you are related to this branch of the Sweat family, get in touch with me.

  7. Jimmie Hunt says:

    In the Author’s Listing, “Bengman [Benjamin?] Deel also possibly Dees”, is listed specific as Deel, with a possibility of Dees. With no disrespect to any, Dail, Deal, Dew, Dial, Deese, or Deas, Deel may in fact be the truth. In the Reedy Branch Church History, My Grandfather’s Memoir’s, there is Folks with the name of Deel, also spelled, Deil, Diel and Deal. Surnames associated with the current Lumbee and Carolina Tuscarora tribes, sometimes were spelled by the sound of the word, even with the “Euros”, they also were not “Perfect”.

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