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Shuffer Tonies, They Was Free Issues and Part Indian

MEMORIES OF UNCLE JACKSON, John H. Jackson, 309 S. Sixth St., Wilmington, N.C. From Slave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery in the United States from Interviews with Former Slaves (1841). My mother was the laund’ess for the white folks. … Continue reading

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1888 Indian Census of New York

In the US federal census before 1900, Indians living on reservations were not enumerated on the regular census schedules.  I’m not positive when they began to be included, but I know they were not in 1880 and they were by … Continue reading

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Kinchen Tucker, of Indian Descent, Lives at Gholson’s Bridge

The lovely blog, Fourth Generation Inclusive ran this extremely interesting tidbit. Fifty Dollars Reward. RANAWAY from the subscriber, on the 10th inst. without a fault, a Negro Man named DAVE, about 32 years of age, is about 5 feet 7 or … Continue reading

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Von Graffenreid Declares Himself King, Saves Himself, 1711

Christoph von Graffenreid rather inadvertently saved himself after being captured by the Tuscarora Indians with John Lawson, who was subsequently executed. Whether by swift wit, Divine inspiration or sheer luck, von Graffenreid realized that by claiming his position as “king” or “governor,” … Continue reading

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