Jacobs Free Issue Death Certificates

Jessie Jacobs. Died 4 March 1914, N. Clinton, Sampson County. Indian. (Colored marked through.) Married. Farmer. Born 9 February 1854, Sampson County, to Arch Jacobs and Tempie Manuel. Buried Honeycutts township.

Enos Jacobs. Died 5 October, 1925, Honeycutts, Sampson County. Indian Married to Miltildia Jacobs. About 83. Farmer. Born Sampson County to Archie Jacobs of Pender County and Tempie Manuel. Buried New Bethel cemetery. Informant, C.O. Jacobs, Honeycutts.

Mary Jacobs. Died 17 January 1926, Honeycutts, Sampson County. Indian. Widow. About 91. Born Sampson County to unknown father and Clarkie Barefoot. Buried Brewington graveyard. Informant, Hardie Goodwin.

Fransis Emaline Williams. Born 12 May 1919, Dismal, Sampson County. Croatan Indian. Married. Born 21 December 1861. Farming. Born Sampson County to Samuel Jacobs of Pender County and Mary Barefoot of Sampson County. Informant, Ransom Williams, Delway NC.

In the 1860 census of Dismal, Sampson County: Samuel Jacobs, 35, turpentine laborer, mulatto. In the 1870 census of Dismal, Sampson County: Samuel Jacob, 50; wife Mary, 35; and children James C., 10, Francis, 7, Martha, 4, and George A., 1.


Hat tip to Joy for finding this site and to Lisa Henderson for a wonderful blog, Fourth Generation Inclusive.

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Scientist, author, genetic genealogist. Documenting Native Heritage through contemporaneous records and DNA.
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