Treaty with the Indians at Albany, NY 1664

The following treaty was made with the Indians by the English when they took New York from the Dutch.  There were scanning issues with the original document.  Where the correction was obvious, I made the correction.  There was an issue with the Indian’s signature name in the scan, but the index listed his name as Stephen, so I have listed it as such.  Reference to the original document might well show a native name that looked or resembled Stephen.

In the index, Ohgehando and Shanarage are listed as a Mohawk chiefs, although I don’t see where it says Mohawk in the document itself.  In the index, this treaty is also noted as a treaty with the Seneca Indians.  Anawweed, Aschanoondah, Tewasserany and Conkeeherat are listed as a Seneca Chiefs.  In the index, Conegehaugah is also listed as an Indian Chief on this page, but I don’t see the reference in the document unless part of it is missing.  It appears that items 2 and 3 may be missing.  Soachoenighta is noted as a Mohawk Chief as well.

Based on this document and the index, it stands to reason that the Maques are Mohawks and Synichs are Senecas.

University of the State of New York

State Library Bulletin


May 1899




[p-411] Treaty with the Indians at Albany

Articles made and agreed upon the 24 day of September 1664, in effort Albany betweene Ohgehando, Shanarage, Soachoenighta, Sachamackas of the

Maques; Anawweed, Conkeeh(»rat, Tewasserany, Aschanoondah, 8achamackas of the Synichs, on the one part; And Colonel George Cartwright in the behalfe of Colonel Richard Nicholls Governor under his Royall Highness the Duke of Yorke of all his territoryes in America, on the other part as followeth,


1. It is agreed That the Indyan Princes above named, and their Subjects, shall have all such wares and Comodityes from the English for the future, as heretofore they had from the Dutch.

2. That if any English, Dutch or Indyans (under the protection of the English), doe any wrong. Injury, or violnice to any of the said Indyan princes or their subjects in any sort whatever, if

GENERAL ENTRIES, 1664-65 p 111

they complaine to ye Govennor at New Yorke, or to the official in cheife at Albany, If the person so offending can bee discovered that person shall receive condigne punishment, and all due satisfaction shall bee given and the like shall bee done for all other English plantations.

l. That if any Indyans belonging to any of the Sachims aforesaid, do any wrong, Injury or damage to the English Dutch or Indyans (under the protection of the English) If complaint bee made to the Sachims, and the person bee discovered who did the Injury, Then that person so offending shall bee punished and all just satisfaction shall be given to any of his Majesties subjects in any Colony, or other English Plantation in America.

4. The Indyans at Wamping and Eepachomy, and all below to the Manhatans, as also all such as have submitted themselves under the protection of his Majesty are included in these Articles of Agreement and peace; In Confirmation whereof, the partyes abovementioned have hereunto sett their hands the day and yeare abovewritten.

Signed & delivered in George Cartwright

the prescence of

Tho : Willett

John Manning

Tho: Breedon

Dan : Broadhead

Smith John

his marke

Stephen (an Indian)

his marke

These Articles following were likewise proposed by the same Indyan Princes, and consented to by Colonell Geo: Cartwright in behalfe of Colonel XicoUs [digitizing issue with the name] the 25 day of Sept. 1664.

1. That the English do not assist the that Nations of the Ondiahes, Pinnehoocks, and Pacamtehookes, who murdered one


of the Princes of the Maques, when hee brought Ransomes and presents to them, upon a Treaty of Peace.

2. That the English do make peace for the Indyan Princes with the Nations downe the River.

3. That they may have free Trade as formerly.

4. That they may bee lodged in houses as formerly.

5. That if they bee beaten by the three Nations, above mentioned, they may receive accomodation from the English.


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2 Responses to Treaty with the Indians at Albany, NY 1664

  1. Susi Pentico says:

    Roberta, I am here in Fowlerville. Following this close. Indian in NY.

  2. Dr. J. Osinga Amsterdam says:

    From 5/15 October 1582 unto 2/13 September 1752 English Julian dates always should be accompanied by the Gregorian equivalent. F.e. surrender of Fort Orange 24 September/4 October 1664. But here also 14/24 September 1664 is possible. If one does not want the double J/G date at least Old Style or New Style has to be added: 24 September 1664 Old Style ór New Style.

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