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Indian Slavery in New York

University of the State of New York State Library Bulletin HISTORY No. 2 May 1899 COLONIAL RECORDS GENERAL ENTRIES V. I 1664-1665 INDIAN SLAVES Frequent reference is made in the colonial records and laws, not only of New York … Continue reading

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Thomas Senequam, an Indian

University of the State of New York State Library Bulletin HISTORY No. 2 May 1899 COLONIAL RECORDS GENERAL ENTRIES V. I 1664-65 68 NEW YORK STATE LIBRARY 1664-65 Order to the scout, burgomasters and schepens of New York to summon … Continue reading

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DNA – What Came From Who??

In part 6 of “The Autosomal Me” series, titled “The Autosomal Me – DNA Analysis – Splitting Up” we talk about figuring out which part of your Native genetic heritage came from which parent.  In my case, both African and … Continue reading

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Petitions Involving Indians to Carolina Courts 1775-1867

A Guide to the Microfilm Edition of Black Studies Research Sources, Microfilms from Major Archival and Manuscript Collections, General Editor: John H. Bracey, Jr. Race, Slavery and Free Blacks, Series II, Petitions to Southern County Courts, 1775-1867, Part D: NC … Continue reading

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Shovel Shaped “Indian” Teeth

I’ve been asked the question about what shovel teeth really look like.  Finding good photos is really difficult. One of our followers, Fletcher Freeman, who has contributed several articles, has also written about “Indian Teeth” on the Chowanoke Descendants Community website.  … Continue reading

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Taint of Indian Blood

State v. Harris Melton & Ann Byrd, 44 NC 49 (1852). An indictment for fornication in Stanly Superior Court. The defendants pleaded not guilty and offered evidence of their marriage. “The controversy was concerning the color of the male defendant … Continue reading

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Jacobs Free Issue Death Certificates

Jessie Jacobs. Died 4 March 1914, N. Clinton, Sampson County. Indian. (Colored marked through.) Married. Farmer. Born 9 February 1854, Sampson County, to Arch Jacobs and Tempie Manuel. Buried Honeycutts township. Enos Jacobs. Died 5 October, 1925, Honeycutts, Sampson County. … Continue reading

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Timberlake 1762 Cherokee Map

This map was drawn by Henry Timberlake in March 1762 when he visited the Cherokee.  It gives the number of fighting men and the head man of each town as follows: Mialaquo or the Great Island – 24 under the Governor of … Continue reading

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Gnadenhutten Native Burial Mound

The Gnadenhutten Massacre took place in 1782 in what was then very much the frontier.  I covered this event in the blog, “The Moravians, the Ahekomeko Indians and the Gnadenhutten Massacre.” As I was looking for something entirely unrelated, I stumbled … Continue reading

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Part 5 of The Autosomal Me Series

The Autosomal Me is a series I’ve been writing on my blog.  It is, step by step, tracking the tools I’ve used to identify my Native and African minority admixture and we’re working towards figuring out which lines, specifically, carry … Continue reading

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