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Geno 2.0 Results – First Peek

The results for males just started coming in yesterday.  One of our blog subscribers with Native ancestry on his paternal and maternal lines was kind enough to allow me to use his results.  You’ll notice that there is no identifying information about … Continue reading

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Seneca George

Seneca George was an Iroquoian Indian who had a special friendship with one Conrad Weiser, a German settler in Pennsylvania. Conrad Weiser’s father, Johann Conrad Weiser had emerged as one of the leaders in the German community of 1709/1710 immigrants who … Continue reading

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Pomo Indians

While working with the Carlisle records, I noticed that there were two students listed as Pomo Indians, Emily Moran and Elmer Busch.  I had never heard of the Pomo tribe, so I took a look to see what I could … Continue reading

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New 23andMe Worldview Includes Native Americans

23andMe released a new version of their Ancestry Composition – and guess what – my Native Ancestry is shown for the first time.  Yahoo!  It was previously shown at 23andMe as Asian, and the chromosomal locations have changed somewhat as … Continue reading

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Sioux Tribe Purchases Sacred Land

I just wanted to follow up on an earlier article. On November 19th, I posted information about the Sioux Tribes who, as a joint effort, were attempting to raise 9 million dollars to purchase the lands sacred to them by … Continue reading

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Mittie, Towaconie

I love it when I can find photographs of some of the people I find in the records I transcribe for the Native Names project.  I first find Mittie, noted as a Towaconie Indian, in the Carlisle School records. Seldom … Continue reading

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Sappone Indians Cabbins

A deed between John Taylor of Surry Co., Va., seller, and Alexander Bruce of Amelia County, buyer, for 330 acres located in Amelia County, Va., was dated November 8, 1737.  This deed specifies the location of the “Sappone Indians Cabbins,” … Continue reading

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William Taylor, Tuscarora Indian??

Our thanks, once again, to Fletcher Freeman for sharing his research work with us and to Kay Lynn Sheppard for the use of the Moseley annotated map. By Fletcher Freeman Our William Taylor, father of Elizabeth Taylor McCulloh may be … Continue reading

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Peta, Half Sioux, Half White, Changed the Face of AIDS

His name was Peta.  He was a strikingly beautiful man and he lived in a divided world of halves.  He was half white an half Native American, from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.  He was also gay.  And he contracted HIV, then AIDS. … Continue reading

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Indian Status in Canada

If you think that tribal membership and federal recognition and who can be what to whom and why is confusing in the US, take a look at Canada.  One of our readers sent this link. I think it’s well written and … Continue reading

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