William Taylor, Tuscarora Indian??

Our thanks, once again, to Fletcher Freeman for sharing his research work with us and to Kay Lynn Sheppard for the use of the Moseley annotated map.

By Fletcher Freeman

Our William Taylor, father of Elizabeth Taylor McCulloh may be the William Taylor who signed several deeds as a member and chief of the Tuscarora Tribe.

In 1717, the NC Council created the Indian Woods Reservation for the Tuscarora in a Treaty with Chief Tom Blount.  It consisted of “all the land lying between Mr. Jones’ lower land on  the North side of the Moratoc River (Roanoke) to Quitsana Swamp”  Two towns were created, one of which was “Resootska” or King Blounts’s Town.  This reservation was approximately 60,000 acres.  It was not specifically defined until 1748 at which time it was delineated from Quitsana Swamp north to Rocquist Swamp, west to Falling Run Creek/Deep Creek and south to the Roanoke River and back to Quitsana.

William Taylor was the son of Jonathan Taylor and wife Catherine.  He is thought to have been born around 1722/25 in Bertie County, NC. Jonathan Taylor was listed on the 1718 & 1719 Perquimans Tithables with only 1 tax.  This means he was at least 16 at that time but had no other 16 year old males in his household. Jonathan purchased 300 acres on the East side of Quitzna Swamp and north of the Roanoke River in 1721 from James Williamson who was listed 2 persons below Jonathan on the 1718 Tithables list so they must have been neighbors in Perquimans.  If you look at the Mosely Map of 1733, this land would have been adjacent to the Tuscarora Indian Town named “Resootikeh.”  This was also close to the home of James Castellaw. In fact James Castellaw witnessed a Power of Attorney for Jonathan Taylor in 1728.  One of James’ children, John Castellaw, married a Tuscarora Woman named Martha Butler.  Another child, Sara Castellaw, married Jesse Barfield and was the mother of Lewis Barfield who married William Taylor’s granddaughter, Katherine McCulloh.

Before moving to Bertie County, Jonathan and Catherine lived on Indian Creek, a tributary of the Yeopim River in Perquimans County, just east of the Chowan River. According to maps showing the earliest Indian Towns dating to the 1500’s and early 1600’s, this was the location of an Indian Town called “Mascoming.” Hence it would appear that Jonathan Taylor moved from the site of one ancient Indian Town to an Indian Reservation.

James Castellaw purchased land on the south side of Cashy River in 1721 from William & Mary Jones and land on the north side of Roquist swamp from John Williams.  James Castellaw was married to a Sara Williams.  Sarah Williams Castellaw had an Uncle named William Williams and a cousin, born in 1704, named William Williams.

On Feb 1, 1737 Jonathan Taylor sold land on the north side of Morratuck River, adjacent to Edward Mosely.  This deed was witnessed by Thomas Whitmell.

In 1739 Chief Tom Blount, Head Chief of the Tuscarora died and was replaced by a James Blount. In 1769 a James Blount acquired 150 acres in the Mt. Olive quadrant of Duplin County, according to the Byrd map of Duplin land holdings.  In fact, a James Blount witnessed a Duplin County deed from William Taylor to John Rogers in 1752.  All 3 of these names appear on the 1765 lease by the Tuscarora mentioned below.

In 1742 Jonathan Taylor, legatee of George Clark Glover, sold land on the south side of Rocquis Creek to Thomas Blount and Thomas Whitmell.

In 1745, Jonathan Taylor moved to New Hanover County, NC in a part that later became Duplin County.  William Taylor apparently moved with him and there is a deed in the Duplin records from Jonathan Taylor to William Taylor.

Also in 1745 a William Williams purchased 640 aces in New Hanover County.  This land was near William Taylor, according to the Byrd map of Duplin land holdings.

In 1748, a Thomas Castellaw purchased 200 acres in New Hanover County, (currently the Mt Olive quadrant of Duplin) and then in 1764 he purchased another 70 acres and another 188 acres.  Sarah Castellaw Barfield had a brother Thomas Castellaw.  Their sister in law was Martha Butler, a known Tuscarora woman.

The Mosely Map of 1733 shows Quitzna, Roquist Swamp and Roanoke River and their relation to the Tuscarora Indian Town.  Another Map shows the Indian Town and the location of the Taylor Family.

Mosely 1733

Algonkian Villages in 1733

1. Poteskeet – Currituck County; 2. Yeopim (Weapemeaoc) – Pasquotank (now Camden) County; 3. Chowan – Chowan (now Gates) County; 4. Mattamuskeet – Hyde County; 5. Hatteras (Croatan) – Currituck (now Dare) County.

(Note, the above map and legends are courtesy http://www.ncgenweb.us/hyde/ethnic/algonqin/moseley.htm)

In 1748 a William Williams, Thomas Pugh, Willie Jones, Simon Turner and Zedekiah Stone were appointed “commissioners” for the Tuscarora. (Could Williams be related to Sarah Williams Castellaw, wife of James Castellaw?)

September 20, 1750 a Thomas Pugh sold 150 acres in Duplin County to a William Taylor. The Byrd maps of Duplin County land transactions show a 150 acre tract acquired by our William Taylor in 1754. It is surrounded by lands later acquired by Lewis Barfield, his grandson in law.

March 29, 1753 at a Council Meeting held at New Bern, Thomas Whitmell, John Hill, and William Taylor were appointed by the NC Government to investigate a Tuscarora complaint about a questionable land deal involving Humphrey Bates. (New Bern is located at the confluence of the Neuse River and the Trent River just northeast of New Hanover County and far south from Bertie County.) The land deal involved 300 acres on the Indian Woods Reservation supposedly given to William Charlton by Chief Tom Blount and then sold by Charlton to Bates. As you will see below, Jonathan Taylor, father of William Taylor, knew and had business dealings with William Charlton and Henry Bate as well as Whitmell and Pugh.

November 23, 1763, Sarah Hunter, John Hill and Wm. Williams, executors of the Estate of Henry Hunter in Bertie County pay money to William Taylor and collect money from a Mr. Whitmell.  (Henry Hunter was married to Sarah Whitmell, daughter of Thomas Whitmell II.  Sarah Whitmell Hunter was sister to Thomas Whitmell III, born 1713, died 1779.  Another Whitmell sister married Col George Pollock, another married Henry Bate, and another married Francis Pugh.  Henry Hunter and Jonathan Taylor were involved together in the division of the Estate of John Coward in 1737. Jonathan Taylor also witnessed a deed for John Coward in 1737 involving land adjacent to William Charlton, interpreter for Chief Tom Blount)

1766, a William Taylor was named as a Tuscarora Indian in a lease of 8,000 acres to a William Williams and Thomas Pugh and Willie Jones. This leased land was part of the Indian Woods Reservation. Also named as a tribal member was a John Rogers.  Our William Taylor lived next door to a man named John Rogers in Duplin County. In fact, our William Taylor sold land to John Rogers in 1752 in a deed witnessed by a James Blount.

On January 11, 1769 the English Government approved the lease signed by William Taylor, Thomas Blount, John Rogers and other chiefs of the Tuscarora Tribe to William Williams, Thomas Pugh, and Robert Jones.

Thomas Whitmell was an Indian trader who also acquired Tuscarora Indian lands in a later deed.  According to his will, he lived on the “Kesia” river.  This is probably the same as the “Cashy” near where James Castellaw lived and where Jonathan and William Taylor lived.  According to the Livingston book on the Tuscarora (1752 date), Thomas Whitmell was one of the richest Tuscarora Indians.  In 1733, a Thomas Whitmell witnessed a deed from Jonathan Taylor selling land on the north side of the Roanoke River, probably on or near the Tuscarora reservation.

The Barfields were related to the Taylors.  William Taylor married the daughter of Richard Barfield.  Richard’s grandson Frederick (son of Jesse Barfield and Sara Castellow) married a Susannah Williams in 1779.  Susannah was the daughter of a William Williams.  Furthermore, their daughter, Susan Barfield, married a Needham Bryan around 1800.  The 1761 Bertie county Deed records reference land next to a Capt. Needham Bryan, the Tuscarora Indian, Roquist Pocoson.  It appears that the Bryan Family had Tuscarora blood and that the Barfields married into it.  They may have had other Tuscarora blood – Williams, Taylor, etc. In addition, Sara Castellaw was related to the Williams and one of her brothers married a Tuscarora woman, Martha Butler.

There is a 1724 reference to Barfields Landing along the Meherrin River leading into the Chowan River.  This was originally Cotton’s Landing and is now known as Tuscarora Beach.  Another coincidence????  It is also close to the original site of the Chief Village of the Chowan Indian Tribe, Chowanoke.  The Chowan Tribe was later merged into the Tuscarora.

Another coincidence is the fact that our William Taylor had an uncle named Thomas Taylor, brother to Jonathan Taylor, who was named in a Bertie County Will dated 1724.  He also had a brother named Thomas who was later shown as living next to William in Duplin on Goshen Swamp in the 1750’s. This is important because there was a Chief Tom Taylor who lived in New Bern when Baron Von Graffenreid established his settlement there.  Chief Taylor was run off by Von Graffenreid in 1717 prior to the beginning of the Tuscarora War and disappeared from history.  Could William’s Uncle Tom have been Chief Tom Taylor of New Bern?  When run off from New Bern, did he return to Bertie County and the Indian woods Reservation near his brother Jonathan and nephew William?

A final coincidence is the fact that William Taylor was appointed Commissioner to the Tuscarora in 1753 by a man named James Murray, who was a member of the North Carolina Commission.  James Murray received his appointment to the Commission due to the influence of Henry McCulloh.  This is important because the Grandson of Henry McCulloh, a James McCulloh, married the daughter of our William Taylor.


1703 Richard Barfield acquires land in Chowan/Bertie/Hertford probably at present day Winton where Barfields, Barfield Landing and Tuscarora Beach are located.

This is also near the site of an original Chowan Indian town—Chowanoke or Ohanoke.

1711-1713 Tuscarora War principally along Neuse and Trent Rivers near New Bern, 60 miles S of Bertie County and 60 miles north of Duplin where William Taylor later settles.

1720 Jonathan Taylor buys 300 acres on E side of Quittsnie Swamp on the Roanoke River.  Prior to this time he was living on Indian Creek in Perquimans County.  This was on or near the site of an ancient Indian Town—Mascoming.

1722/1725 William Taylor born

1723 53,000 acre reservation created for Chowan and Tuscarora tribes along Roanoke River near Quitsnie

1723 Richard Barfield I buys land on Ahotskey Marsh from Henry Baker

1728 Richard Barfield I dies and names daughter Catherine Taylor and granddaughter Elizabeth Taylor in his will

1733 Jonathan Taylor sells 640 acres to George Pollock (son in law of Thomas Whitmell,II)

1737 Thomas Whitmell witnessed deed for Johnathan Taylor at Quitzna swamp & Roanoke River

1741 Jonathan Taylor conveys land to Thomas Blount and Thomas Whitmell located on Rocquis Creek (they were brother’s in law or father/son in law)

1744 Richard Barfield II moves to Duplin County

1745 William Taylor moves to Duplin County with his father Jonathan Taylor

1753 William Taylor, John Hill and Thomas Whitmell appointed Commissioners to Tuscarora Indians.  Hill & Whitmell were brothers in law and grandsons of Henry Hunter.

1753 James Murray was a member of the Council at New Bern which appointed William Taylor a commissioner to the Tuscaroras.  Murray was an associate of Henry McCulloh whose grandson James married our William Taylor’s daughter.

1766 Sale of 8000 acres at Indian Woods to Jones, Pugh & Williams

1787 William Taylor murdered in Duplin County


Thomas Whitmell, II of Bertie County, NC and his wife ? Hunter had a son Thomas Whitmell III.  They also had a daughter Elizabeth who married first George Pollock, possible son of former Gov. Thomas Pollock who was Governor of NC at time of Tuscarora War.  Second she married Thomas Blount, possibly related to Chief Tom Blount of the Tuscaroras.  Third she married William Williams who may have been the man who acquired the 8000 acres from the Tuscaroras.

Another daughter married John Hill and still another daughter married Francis Pugh.


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  1. Angie says:

    I have Taylor’s and Jones on my grandmothers side. Do you know if Allen Jones was a son of the Jones you speak about here?

  2. Mavis says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this research…You have helped me uncover one of our family mysteries.There was always tales of Tuscarora blood in my family but I was not able to find any documentation until you named 3 family members all right here!..Fantastic research!

    • You have no idea how this warms my heart. This is Fletcher Freeman’s work, and I’m sure it will warm his heart too. It would be interesting to see if you and he are related if you both took the Family Finder DNA test.

      • got2bjb says:

        Wow! Where has the time gone? I looked back on my post that Dates Dec 24, 2012! So, Not only did I get my DNA tested. So did my Brother, Father on one side then on my Mother’s side My Aunt, myself, My cousin, his dad (my Uncle)! Come to find out. I was not to far off at the beginning. My Taylor line was here Very, Very early! They acquired a lot of land Hyde co. being one of the Counties. During the Tuscarora war. I Believe that William Taylor was was not on the Thomas Blount side of being peaceful to the Settlers what so ever! I believe he was the gas to the fire! Was he a Tuscarora Indian DNA wise probably half. Emotionally all Tuscarora! I can tie in almost every family in the deeds except for a few. I came across a insert. is it Documented? I’m not quite sure. it reads;

        “early 1700’s journal of the German Graffenrield, who often traveled with John Lawson, mentions several times the names of King Taylor, and King Hantcock, who seemed to be the influential leaders of the hostile portion of the Tuscarorora allied with some of the other coastal groups (including the Eno and others) during the Tuscarora War of 1713”

        On another side of things Craven Co.? I believe I got that as well.
        Thank you for all the hard work that was put into this. took me…. what? 4 years! and I’m still gathering more information. Again, thanks for the enlightenment! It is much appreciated.

  3. Jeanette Taylor says:

    U GUYS ROCK! I Have been racking my brain for YEARS! I am so glad that I have documented and kept copies of all this!!!!! This was getting confusing for me. I have My parents family trees separated-due to the fact they kept inter twining. This was giving me a real struggle within! As i was reading over my documentation I though my Dads ancestors took my Mothers ancestors land from them! I was seriously disgusted by it! My Dad has done his DNA Through the Family Finder. So, I guess that leaves it up to me to prove my moms side. The DNA test however came up with Pacific Islander! I don’t know if you have to have it specifically tested or what. I think it was just a basic test! I I’ll look into this before I get mine done. and will get back it you if your interested! Thanks again

  4. Jeanette says:

    My Family Tree is quite extensive as well! I have found my Mothers tree inter twines with this as well! YIKES! But, It is what it is!

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  6. Forest says:

    Very nice work. Just one comment regarding the Chowan Indians. Some of them may indeed have joined the Tuscarora, but the better part of the tribe seems to have stayed in Gates County, gradually selling their reservation off until in 1791 they were landless, excepting a 30 acre tract called Indian Town where a few families resided until 1821, when they lost the tract and scattered. There are a few descendants in the county today, and some in neighboring Hertford County (as well as other places, certainly)

    • Can you point me to a reliable resource for Chowan history?

    • got2bjb says:

      Oh Do I have something really interesting for you! Not sure if this pertains totally. But, I believe I might have part of this puzzle. Toledo Michigan Track. Does this sound familiar? William Taylor Has land Records of an A LOT of land here. It resides on the Michigan, Indiana, & Ohio, That’s “The English” side of the Taylor Family. On The Scottish Side of the Taylor Family They also Have a HUGH amount of land in North Carolina. I know its around 1818. Should I send it via email? I’ll send it as an attachment. Ok?

  7. mike says:

    Hello everybody,im trying to connect my ggrandfather Joseph F Barfield abt 1862-64 he was married to a Keller jane Franks ,he had 3 sons ODOM,BARTO,EMANUEL listed on the census as indians,my Grandmother was not,she was one time with the rest of the familie listed as a Mulatto,is there anybody out there that can help me solve this mystery,who was my Josephs parents,it said on his death certificate that he was born in Marlboro County?any hints are welcomed,Help!!!email(mikeneal1970@hotmail.com)

  8. got2bjb says:

    Williams, Sarah
    12 Aug 1722 – Virginia, USA
    1800 – Rowan, North Carolina, United States
    Correct? If so She’s Related To me. I have two different Taylor’s that are in my tree The English Side on my Fathers Side. And the Scottish Taylor’s on my Mothers side. Both Side’s Had a lot of land in this general area.

  9. Mavis says:

    I was just reading the 1790 Pitt county NC census (Yes just for fun) and I ran across a William Taylor next door to Francis Taylor.This William Taylor lists 2 ‘other’ free people in his household and Francis Taylor lists 3.They are on the same page as a John Taylor and others.Other surnames on the same page include Mayo,Brown,Ward and several others that are associated with known native surnames…Could this be William Taylor Tuscarora as an old man with his family?…

    • got2bjb says:

      I have heritage to confirm this! Her name is Francis Walker Married name Taylor. She is my 10th Great Grandmother Born: 23 Sep 1640. Died 22 Sep 1680. Her Parent were Father John Walker 1625 – 1644. Mother was Sarah Fleet (Walker) 1615 – 1679. Instead of having her Married to William Taylor. I have her Married to James “Immigrant” Henry Taylor. born 12 Feb 1635 in Carlisle, Cumberland, England Died: 30 APR 1698 in Bowling Green, King Queen, Virginia, United States. :

  10. mike says:

    july,13,1916 in Marlboro,sc
    The home of Mrs. Sue Mace, four miles north of Little Rock, was the scene of a terrible tragedy Monday morning when 19 year old Jack Barfield was shot to death by his uncle Thomas Barfield aged about 50 years.
    The testimony shows that young Barfield was done to death in a most cruel and heartless manner by the elder Barfield. The cause of the tragedy is unknown, but it is believed that the Barfields had had previous trouble over a labor contract.
    About 10 o’clock Thomas Barfield accompanied by his son, Thomas Jr. drove up to the home of Mrs. Mace and found Jack Barfield sitting on the front porch. “{I said I was going to shoot you, and I will be as good as my word,” remarked Thomas Barfield, according to the testimony of Mrs. Sue Mace, and thereupon pulled his pistol and fired point blank at the young man. Jack Barfield had begun to retreat through the house and the first shot entered his neck as he turned and ran down the passageway. Thomas Barfield continued to shoot at the fleeing man and three more shots entered the back, either of which would have produced death. Young Barfield ran out of the house and sought safe under the edge of the back porch where he expired a few minutes afterwards.It is evident that Tom Barfield was under the influence of whiskey at the time of the killing and it is likely that the theory of the defense will be that he was also temporarily insane, having been treated for insanity last spring.this guy thomas was the brother of Josephus Barfield abt1866,whos father was daniel barfield and mother was martha ann jackson,can anybody help me wth more connections?

  11. Nina Vanstory says:

    I am related to Taylor Rhodes that moved to Tipton County. I think this is the same line you are talking about. How can I find out more information? Thanks.

  12. syd2u says:

    Reblogged this on syd2u and commented:
    When I found the 1830 Census with all the Taylor Families the years of research assisted with connecting the dots. This Taylor family is connected to the Taylor family in Pennsylvania. It’s finally coming together.

  13. Jan Hall says:

    I may have more info . My line of William Freeman born in Bertie County married a Mary Bryan daughter of Robert Bryan from Martin Halifax county, about 1786, she was a sister of Needham Bryan, not the Col Needham Bryan of Johnston county, she was born about 1765 , I believe this william Freeman to be from the Freeman, Hyter king of the cowan Indian line of Freemans

  14. got2bjb says:

    The Taylor Family

    1. John Taylor is the first generation of our Taylor line that I have researched. He came from Lancashire, England and may have died in England or possibly in Virginia. He had several children and married someone named Dorothy. He was born about 1600.
    2.Andrew Taylor, John and Dorothy’s son, married someone named Ann Jordan and they lived and died in Norfolk Co., VA. Andrew’s will named several items and people as well as some grandchildren.
    3.Richard Taylor, son of Andrew and Ann Taylor, was the next generation. It is known that he had a sister but there could have been other children. They lived in Norfolk Co., VA. Richard had at least six children.
    4.William Taylor, Sr., son of Richard Taylor, married Liscomb Jones, dt of Rev. Walter Jones and possibly a Miss Linscombe. They were from Maryland and Rev. Walter Jones removed to North Carolina as a missionary for the Church of England. William and Liscomb’s daughter, Liscomb Taylor, married John Haddock, Sr. and they lived in Pitt County, NC. William Taylor Sr., was named in his grandfather’s will and other documents of Norfork Co., VA.
    5.William Taylor, Jr. was a son of William and Liscomb (Jones) Taylor, Sr. William Jr. married Dinah Deale, dt of Henry Deale, Jr. and his wife Mary Ballentine. The Deale family lived in Norfork Co., VA. Dinah was named in her father’s will and her father was named in his father’s will. The Ballentine and Deale families lived near the Taylor family in Norfork. William Taylor, Jr., deeded land and cattle to Dinah’s bastard child, John, and named her his wife and a Deale.
    6. Rhoda Taylor, dt of William & Dinah (Deale) married John Haddock, Jr. She married her first cousin. They lived in Pitt County, NC.
    The Taylor files consist of several hundred pages. Listed below are some of the resources that I used to study the first four generations of the family. Donna Haddock Cooper, 2003
    1. Norfolk Co., VA, Wills and Administrations, Mary Taylor.
    2. Norfolk Co., VA, Wills and Administrations, Andrew Taylor.
    3. Norfolk Co., VA, Wills and Administrations, Ann Taylor.
    4. Norfolk Co., VA, Wills and Administrations, Thomas Taylor, 1744.
    5. Norfolk Co., VA, Wills and Administrations, Richard Taylor, 1679.
    6. Norfolk Co., VA, Wills and Administrations, Margaret Taylor wife of William Brown, 1744.
    7. Norfolk Co., VA, Wills and Administrations, Thomas Taylor, 1744.
    8. Norfolk Co., VA, Wills and Administrations, Richard Taylor, inventory, 1734.
    9. Norfolk Co., VA, Wills and Administrations, Thomas Taylor.
    10. Norfolk Co., VA, Deeds, William Taylor and wife Mary, 1728.
    11. Norfolk Co., VA, Deeds, Thomas son of Thomas Taylor.
    12. Norfolk Co., VA, Wills and Administrations, Thomas Taylor.
    13. Norfolk Co., VA, Deeds, Richard Taylor.
    14. Norfolk Co., VA, Wills and Administrations, Richard Taylor, 1729.
    15. Norfolk Co., VA, Wills and Administrations, Owens family connections mentioned in wills and deeds.
    16. Norfolk Co., VA, Wills and Administrations, James Taylor.
    17. Norfolk Co., VA, Deeds, William Taylor.
    18. Norfolk Co., VA, Wills and Administrations, William Taylor.
    19. Norfolk Co., VA, Deeds, 1723, William Taylor, Sr..
    20. Norfolk Co., VA, Wills and Administrations, Thomas and William Taylor, grandchildren of Andrew Taylor, Thomas and his brother William were mentioned as grandchildren in their grandfather Andrew’s will of 1717. Since they are the only two grandsons mentioned they may be the oldest of Thomas’ children.
    21. Norfolk Co., VA, Deeds, William Taylor, Sr., Norfolk County, VA, Deed Book, 20 Pages pages 178 and 179: The abstract reads: 1762, date recorded Dec. 14, 1762,.
    22. Pitt County, NC, Deeds, 1793, William Taylor, William Taylor, 1764, Pitt County, NC, applied for a patent.
    23. Pitt County, NC, Deeds, 1793, William Taylor, Sr., William Taylor, Sr., Pitt County, NC, makes gifts to John Haddock in May 1793; William Taylor for love and affection granted on 4 May 1793.
    24. Pitt County, NC, Obituaries, Oct 1794, William Taylor, Sr..
    25. The Connector, Newsletter of the Tar River Connections Genealogical Society, Vol. 2, No. 4, William Taylor, dies age 114.
    26. History of Pitt County, North Carolina, Liscomb Taylor, daughter of Walter Jones.
    27. History of Pitt County, NC, Walter Jones, minister, Walter Jones, Liscomb’s father, minister of the Anglican Church in NC.
    28. Pitt Co., NC, Sworn chain carrier (SCC) in Jan 1763, William Taylor, Jr..
    29. Patent #7033, Patent Book 17, Page 35, Pitt County, NC., William Taylor, Jr..
    30. Patent #7032, Patent Book 17, Page 35, William Taylor, Jr..
    31. Pitt County, NC, William Taylor sold 200 acres for L120 to John Haddock, Jr., 22 Jan 1767, William Taylor, Jr..
    32. Pitt County, NC, deeds 1795, William Taylor, Jr., William Taylor Pitt County, NC, land mentioned in Jan 1795: Pitt County, NC, 24 Jan 1795.
    33. Pitt County, NC, Deeds Apr 1799, William Taylor, Jr..
    34. Pitt County, NC, 1762, William Taylor, Junr.
    35. Letter from Colonel John Simpson, Chairman of Safety Committee in Pitt County, to Colonel Richard Cogdell, Chairman of Safety Committee in Craven Coun, William Taylor, Jr..
    36. County Records, Deeds of Pitt Co., NC, 1751, My wife, Dinah Deale, bastard child John Deale..
    37. Microfilm, 1790 and 1800 Federal Population Schedules, US Census, Pitt Co., NC, Taylor deeds.
    38. Microfilm, 1790 and 1800 Federal Population Schedules, US Census, Pitt Co., NC, Liscomb Taylor & John Haddock.
    39. Reprinted in The Connector, Newsletter of the Tar River Connections Genealogical Society, Vol. 2, No. 4 (Fall Issue of 1998), p. 18: “Halifax, dated, Obituary of Liscomb’s father, William Taylor.
    40. State and County, Pitt County, NC, Land and Deeds, John Haddock, Sr., [Microfilm, (index county), per Judy Haddock Swan].
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    42. Pitt County, NC, Deed – Book DD page 175.
    43. Cemetery, Pitt County, NC, Buck Cemetery Inscriptions, birth & death dates.
    44. State of Maryland & Maryland Archives, Maryland Probates and Estates.
    45. Crown and the Royal Governor Josiah Martin of the Colony of North Carolina.
    46. Beaufort Co., NC, Deed & Patents.
    47. Craven Co., NC, Deeds & Patents.
    48. Prerogative Court Records, Saint Mary’s Co., John Haddock, administrator – Pickering estate.
    49. Compiled by Jane Baldwin (1904), Maryland Calendar of Wills, 33.45, Cuthbert Fenwick, Jr. – John Haddock.
    50. Microfilm, Beaufort County, NC, Tax Records, 1762, Holland, Waine, Haddock.
    51. Norfolk Co., VA, Deeds, John Taylor and Judith.
    52. Norfolk Co., VA, Wills and Administrations, John Taylor, witnesses.
    53. Norfolk Co., VA, Deeds, John Taylor, mentioned deceased father, Richard.
    54. Norfolk Co., VA, Deeds, Judith Bowers, wife of John Taylor.

    • Beth Dix says:

      Regarding my previous post of June 23, 2017, I no longer need help so you can disregard my request. After a 12 year search, I have finally found my Blount family living in Robeson County, NC on Drowning Creek and Saddletree Swamp. Thank you.

  15. Sandra Wynne Irwin says:

    To My knowledge the Byran Family of Bertie Co, NC had no Native American DNA I’m related and we have done DNA and no Native American blood was found !!!! Check it out and be truthful !!!

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  17. Angie Mcpherson says:

    Has anyone traced the Taylor family to Robeson County NC and what names do you have there? I am looking for Jordan Taylor.

  18. Thanks for the great info! Jesse Barfield and Sarah Castellaw are my 6th great grandparents, so now I know (and suspected as such) why the picture of my great grandfather, John James Barfield (1880-1916) of Kershaw/Lee County, SC always looked like he was a Native American!
    -Mr. Tracy B. Barfield

  19. ronnimonroe says:

    Any information regarding a Catherine Taylor 1780-1844, buried in Talbot GA, married to Henry Brown? DAR mentions a Catherine Taylor married to a Henry Brown but doesn’t say much other than she was the daughter of William Taylor (questionably a Quaker from NC). I have what is identified as Native American DNA and this is my only mystery line. I’m not looking to be a member of a tribe, but I sure would like to fill in the blanks and figure out where this DNA comes from.

  20. Wistfulscroll says:

    Hi. My differernt lines seem to get boggled. Wonder id it’s in our DNA to reconnect without knowing our past. I habe a malor Taylor line and minor ones. I got 2 rgat go where the Fox tribe
    are, at least one is a direct line to the Lachlan clan.and their Chiefs. Seem to be relayed to the same Presidents, Queen Elisabeth, & people. Rowland Taylor & Margaret Tyndale are in one direct line. Trying to find the natives in the line, I have other surnames that may connect also.

    • got2bjb says:

      Wistfullscroll looks like were cousins! I have Three Major line’s of Taylor’s I have what I call the Presidential Taylor, My North Carolina Taylor’s (Earliest Taylor’s recorded in USA), And the Mormon Taylor’s. Here is a tid bit of Info. Did you know Zachary Taylor (our past President) was 1/4 Cherokee? Fox tribe I know. But, not quite sure how it all connects. I also have Ancestors that were here on and before the Mayflower. Anyways, Check back if U might be interested. P.S. I have had My DNA. Along with my Dads brothers and Aunts.

  21. Beth Dix says:

    My GG-Grandparents were Daniel S. Blount b. 1810 and Betsy Hopkins b. 1816. According to a note my aunt made in the 1920s, Daniel and Betsy had three children: Reddin Taylor Blount, Ann Taylor Blount, and Ruth Smaw Blount (my great-grandmother). The first documentation I have been able to find on this family is the 1850 and 1860 Washington Co. NC censuses listing Daniel, Betsy, and Ruth. I have been trying for 15 years to find out more about them. I can’t find anything whatsoever on them. My great-grandmother Ruth Smaw Blount grew up in Lee’s Mill Township (founded by Capt. Thomas Blount). I have been told by people of this area that my great-grandmother’s family was Native American. I have never been told that I have Native American ancestry. I also have ancestors from Perquimans Co. as far back as 1635 and Bertie Co. as far back as 1736. My maternal grandmother was born on the neck of the Cashie River in the late 1800s….her great-grandmother was a Williams. Can anyone give me advise me how I might find out more about my Blount ancestors? Beth

  22. got2bjb says:

    early 1700’s journal of the German Graffenrield, who often traveled with John Lawson, mentions several times the names of King Taylor, and King Hantcock, who seemed to be the influential leaders of the hostile portion of the Tuscarorora allied with some of the other coastal groups (including the Eno and others) during the Tuscarora War of 1713.

    Found this somewhere. Unfortunately I’m unable to remember where.

  23. Joshua says:

    Do you have any information on Taylor and Ro(d)gers families from Bertie NC and around the Indian woods. My line of Rodgers, in Saluda S.C. that came to live around the Indian town of Saluda
    Old town , 96 and Laurens S.C. from records we have they immigrated from Bertie and the Indian woods area. One of my great grandfathers is a William Rodgers a son of William Thomas Rodgers and charity (Catherine) Taylor. His brother from land records we have and wills is John Rodgers jr of Bertie and Haywood. who moved to colonial craven county SC (little river Lauren’s, and land on Saluda river above the congaree trading post) William jr was said to be married to a Saluda Indian he met here and at the congaree trading town. William jr and his Indian wife are burried at Saluda Old Town where I live. It’s said his father, he, and his uncle john rodgers had moved with the last of the Salude and congarees and a trader named John Davis. John Rodgers jr and William sr went on to serve in the South Carolina militia under Andrew Williamson and col robert Anderson (Son of the salude/Shawnee trader family of Anderson’s). Any help would clear up the connection of Taylors, Davis, and Rodgers in SC.

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  25. Melissa Turner says:

    Whatever became of Simon Turner,a commissioner to this land

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