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Joseph Brant, Warrior, Statesman, Mohawk Leader

While transcribing the World War I draft records, I came across the name Joseph Brant Poodry, an Indian who registered in Genesee Co., NY.  Recognizing the name Joseph Brant, I wonder how many times obvious clues to family history exist, … Continue reading

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Why Doesn’t my DNA Show Native???

Lots of people have the oral history that “grandma was a full blooded Indian” in their family.  Or maybe it’s grandpa, or great or great-great-grandma or grandpa.  They take the appropriate DNA test, the Y-line test for the paternal line, or … Continue reading

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Young Tiger Tail aka Kishkalwa

Ever wonder why you can’t find your Native ancestors? Here’s why. This example is from the book Shawnee Heritage I by Don Greene.  I’ll review this book at a later date.  However, here is part of one entry. Kishkalwa, Young … Continue reading

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The Tutelo of Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York and Canada

In the document, A Tutelo Heritage: An Ethnoliterary Assessment of Chief Samuel Johns’ Correspondence with Dr. Frank G. Speck, Jay Hansford C. Vest discussed the letters themselves and then elaborates on their meaning.  I have gone through this document and extracted … Continue reading

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The Oneida Honyoust Family

As I transcribe these early records, and especially when I find non-European last names, I often wonder if I’m wasting my time, meaning whether the name stayed intact so that descendants can find it in future generations – that would … Continue reading

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Are the Monacan the Tutelo?

A Tutelo Heritage: An Ethnoliterary Assessment of Chief Samuel Johns’ Correspondence with Dr. Frank G. Speck by Jan Hansford C. Vest (2006) This paper by Jay Vest is most interesting, but within it, may well be an unpolished gem and the … Continue reading

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1869 Cherokee Nation West Census

Did you know that there was a census taken in 1869 and it included the people who lived in the Indian Territory, now Oklahoma?  This was Indian land, where the Native people had been removed to during the Trail of Tears.  … Continue reading

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Edwin Carewe born as Jay John Fox

In Manhattan, New York City, we find listed as Indian one Jay John Fox who says his professional name is Edwin Carewe and he is the director of Motion Pictures for Metro Film Corporation.  His wife is listed as Mary … Continue reading

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Peter State Road Cook

Yes, that is his name, but why and how?  In the 1917 Draft Registrations, there it is, big as life….Peter State Road Cook.  Looking into this further, the registrar wrote his name with “State Road” as his middle name.  He … Continue reading

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413 Various Indians

In the 1774 Rhode Island census, I was so pleased to see the column for Indians.  I was methodically working through each city in each county extracting Indian families and families with Indians living with them when I came across two entries that … Continue reading

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