The Oneida Honyoust Family

As I transcribe these early records, and especially when I find non-European last names, I often wonder if I’m wasting my time, meaning whether the name stayed intact so that descendants can find it in future generations – that would be future generations from then…not from now. 

The first records I have of the Honyost family are related to the war of 1812.  Today, I found two World War I draft registrations for Honyoust family members.

Record #1:

Account of Losses Sustained by the Oneidas and Tuscarora in Consequence of their Attachment to the United States in the Late War – Transcription of a document drawn up in Nov-Dec 1794 on Oneida from the Timothy Pickering Papers, 1758-1829; Vol 62:  Letters and Papers of Pickering’s Missions to the Indians, 1792-1797, p 157-166a.  Frederick S. Allis, Jr., editor

Columns are York Currency, unknown, Dollars

Oneidas – Bear Tribe

 8.Konwagalet, sister of deaf Honyost to be given to Honyost   6.2.0

Records #2 and 3:

WWI Draft Registration Cards – 1917-1918 – registered as Indian

Daniel David Honyoust b 1878 registered in Oneida Co., NY

Charles Honyoust b 1886 Oneida, NY registered in Niagara Co., NY, works in Lewiston, NY, a farmer

So, indeed, the Honyoust/Honyost name has not only come into the 20th century intact, it continues to be found among the Oneida tribe today.  You can read more about this family at this link:

Clearly the Honyoust family knows about their Native heritage, but think for a moment if they didn’t, what a gold mine these early records would be for them.  Not only would it confirm their Native Heritage, it would tell them what tribe and even what clan.  And not only that, but they would also know that Honyost was deaf.  Discovering a piece of information like that about a man born in the 1700s is virtually unheard of!

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Scientist, author, genetic genealogist. Documenting Native Heritage through contemporaneous records and DNA.
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