Peter State Road Cook

Yes, that is his name, but why and how?  In the 1917 Draft Registrations, there it is, big as life….Peter State Road Cook.  Looking into this further, the registrar wrote his name with “State Road” as his middle name.  He lived on the St. Regis Indian Reservation in Franklin Co. NY.

His address is just listed as Hogansburg, so I’m betting that there may have been two Peter Cooks, one of which lived on the State Road.

Sure enough, looking at the 1920 census, we find two Peter Smiths, both living in the same township (Bombay), both with wives named Susan.  I bet these men were forever getting confused with one another. 

Peter Smith, age 56 in 1920 lived on Massura Road and his wife, Susan, was born in Canada.  His language was “Indian.”  Peter Smith age 45 in 1920 lived on, you guessed it, State Road, and he spoke English.  His wife, Susan was born in New York. 

So now you know how Peter Smith came to have the middle name of State Road.

About Roberta Estes

Scientist, author, genetic genealogist. Documenting Native Heritage through contemporaneous records and DNA.
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