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Indian Pioneer Papers Collection – Oklahoma

This fully indexed collection is available to everyone online.  This is what my friend and I call “candy.”  That’s because when you start, you can’t stop.  So I hope you don’t have anything else that has to be done today, … Continue reading

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Our Neighbors – the Tuscaroras – 1915 Speech

In 1915, Frank Severance, a white man who had been adopted by the Seneca, and a historian, spoke at the annual Tuscarora picnic in New York.  His speech has been preserved for posterity, and it is quite interesting.  At this … Continue reading

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1711 Von Graffenreid – Tuscarora Treaty

Is a treaty valid when one party is holding the other party captive under pain of death?  That is how the 1711 treaty between Baron von Graffrenreid and the Tuscarora was negotiated.  However, it served it’s purpose, and von Graffenreid was freed instead … Continue reading

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A Boy Named Sherry

In the 1917 draft registrations, I found the name of Sherry Poodry, born in 1896 and who registered for the draft in Genesee County, NY.  A first name like Sherry is typically a clue that I need to look at … Continue reading

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Blankets, Shirts, Boots, Powder and Shot

I’ve been working on the early Tuscarora records recently, and one item in particular really stood out.  Bertie County NC, Deed Book M page 316, 1777, deed of lease, Indians to Pugh Whitmell Tufdick, Wineoak Charles Jr., Billie Roberts, Lewis Tufdick, West … Continue reading

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Cat Flying in Air – Kumshaka

Ok, so how did this guy get this name.  Sometimes I get these visual impressions as I read these records, sort of like when you’re reading a good book.  I used to have a friend who loved his cats, but … Continue reading

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1757 Tuscarora Indian Petition

Petition of the Tuscarora – North Carolina State Archives – Governor’s Papers “We the Tuskarora Indians petition your Excely and council to grant a pattent or some beter title for our land for the white folks tells this is good for nothing and … Continue reading

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For So Long as the Sun and Moon Endure

I particularly love to peek into the lives of our ancestors through the few written documents they have left for us.  Recalling that there were no written Native languages until Europeans began speaking Native languages and vice versa, and the … Continue reading

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Connecticut Indians in the Revolutionary War

Connecticut furnished nearly half of her male population to serve in the Revolutionary War.  Of the 33,000 men who served, 3500 were “of color” and of those about 600 can be identified as Indian.  The majority of Connecticut’s Indian soldiers … Continue reading

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Elgin Russell, Paralyzed from the Waist Down

In the World War I draft, everyone had to register.  One of the people who registered as Native in Brooklyn, NY was Elgin Russell, Born Oct. 4 1892 in Chicago Illinois.  He is an artist, and he is paralyzed from … Continue reading

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