Connecticut Indians in the Revolutionary War

Connecticut furnished nearly half of her male population to serve in the Revolutionary War.  Of the 33,000 men who served, 3500 were “of color” and of those about 600 can be identified as Indian. 

The majority of Connecticut’s Indian soldiers were from the Mohegan tribe which resided in New London County.  One half of Connecticut’s population lived in New London County. 

A census of the tribe taken in 1782 lists 9 Mohegans who were killed during the Revolutionary War.  Five of them were sons of the widow Rebecca Tanner. 

The war served to decimate the already small Indian population which suffered a very high percentage of casualties.

The Mohegan Tribe still exists today.  You can visit their website here:

In addition to the Mohegan, several Pequot served along with 1 Groton, Tunxis, Narragansett and Huron Indian, each, and 3 Nipmuc. 

Today there are two Pequot tribes, an Eastern and a Western Tribe, in different locations in Connecticut.

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6 Responses to Connecticut Indians in the Revolutionary War

  1. Bill says:

    Nice, I was told that one of my ancestors Mamre ( ??) Simmons was born in Connecticut abt. 1782-84 and she was a Mohegan. I haven’t been able to find her maiden name yet as early Rensselaer county, N.Y records are scarce, she was married to a Moses Simmons/Simon in Sand Lake,N.Y. Do you have any records from early CT. ? Thanks, Bill S.

  2. Richard Harding says:

    Joseph Read is listed on the roster of the Indian company of 1778. Also as in the 7th Conn. during the Revolution. He is listed to have been from Fairfield. I have assumed he was from the Nipmuc, but unsure, especially if he was from Fairfield, though it appears he enlisted in Windham county. Do you know what his tribal background was? Thanks.

  3. Michael says:

    Of the 33,000 men who served, 3500 were “of color” and of those about 600 can be identified as Indian. Where can I find this list of 600 Identified as Indian soldiers?

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