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5,500 Year Old Native Grandmother Found Using DNA

Members of the Metlakatla First Nation Community near Prince Rupert, BC who collaborated with an international team of scientists in a genetic study of aboriginal people, including excavated remains that link them to their 5,500 year old Grandmother.  Photograph/handout courtesy … Continue reading

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1888 Indian Census of New York

In the US federal census before 1900, Indians living on reservations were not enumerated on the regular census schedules.  I’m not positive when they began to be included, but I know they were not in 1880 and they were by … Continue reading

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The Settlement of North Carolina

When working with researchers who have families in early North Carolina, I find a lot of misconceptions.  It’s easy to understand why, because the settlement of a new land is foreign to us today and their lives were so very … Continue reading

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Fourth Generation Inclusive

News travels fast.  One of our blog subscribers, Joy, recently sent me a link to a new blog that’s just a few months old, Fourth Generation Inclusive.  I’ve already found a couple of things involving Native heritage to repost and … Continue reading

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Thick Hair, Small Boobs, Shovel Shaped Teeth and More

Yep, there’s a gene for these traits, and more.  The same gene, named EDAR (short for Ectodysplasin receptor EDARV370A), it turns out, also confers more sweat glands and distinctive teeth and is found in the majority of East Asian people. … Continue reading

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Fort Dobbs and the Indian Attack – 1760

Twenty-seven miles west of modern-day Salisbury, North Carolina, Fort Dobbs is located in Iredell County.  In 1756, colonial Governor Arthur Dobbs commissioned the construction of the fort to protect Piedmont settlements during the French and Indian War (1754-1763).  At that … Continue reading

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The Autosomal Me – The Ancestors Speak

This is Part 2 in the series, “The Autosomal Me.”  Part 1 was “The Autosomal Me – UnRaveling Minority Admixture.” Every Sunday, I write something called a Sunday Story.  I’ve done this for years.  I send them to my kids … Continue reading

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