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7th Generation Returns to Tecumseh’s Memorial

It was prophecied that the 7th generation would return.  Indeed they are, 200 years later.  The Chatham, Ontario paper carried a story covering the return of about 80 Shawnee from Texas to Canada, to visit a monument honoring Chief Tecumseh who died during … Continue reading

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The Indians of Lawrence Co., PA

Sometimes old history books, especially those published in the 1800s whose authors had access to people who memories extended back into the previous century can be goldmines.  While researching the Scotch-Irish in Lawrence County, PA, I found the following information about … Continue reading

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History of the Moravians in NC

One of the missions of the Moravians was to preach the gospel to the Native Americans.  Their records are held in the Moravian Church archives in Bethlehem , Pennsylvania, but they have been reproduced and are available on microfilm. reading

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George Washington Letter to Tuscarora

The French and Indian War took place from 1754 to 1763.  During this time, a significant amount of land was disputed, and fighting took place primarily in these regions and in borderlands.  The Native American tribes were key players, often … Continue reading

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Visit to the Cherokee, 1756

This visit occurred in the midst of the French and Indian War.  The Cherokee sided with the British until suspicions and differences between the two spawned the Anglo-Cherokee War, also known as the Cherokee Uprising, in 1758 in which the Cherokee fought directly … Continue reading

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Red Coated Chiefs of the Shawnee

Fletcher Freeman has once again graced us with his research.  Thank you Fletcher! By Fletcher Freeman             In my research on the Shawnee Indians I have run across an interesting “Coincidence” spanning 75 years that I have not seen in … Continue reading

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The Shawnee Bluejacket Family

The Shawnee Bluejacket family reaches back into the mid-1700s.  Records begin with Chief Bluejacket himself, also known by his Native names of Se-pet-te-he-nath, Big Rabbit, his name given at birth and Wa Weyapiersehnwaw, his adult chosen name, found in use … Continue reading

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Native Heritage Project – Status and Upcoming Goodies

I thought I’d take a few minutes today to just chat with you folks about how things are going with the Native Heritage Project, the Native Names project and what the future holds.  If you recall, the Native Names project is compiling … Continue reading

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The Battle of Tippecanoe

Growing up in Indiana, the word Tippecanoe was very familiar.  So were Native arrowheads and other remnants of the life of the Native people who lived there generations before my family. Little did I know that Indians had been engaged … Continue reading

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Tecumseh – Shooting Star – Panther Across the Sky

John and Eliza Tecumseh were the only two households in the Cherokee West 1869 census to use the surname of Tecumseh.  They are also listed as Mexican Indians.  Initially, I thought that Mexican Indians meant Indians who had joined the … Continue reading

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