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1606 Hondius Mercator Map of “Virginia and Florida”

Virginiae Item et Floridae This map by Jodocus Hondius first appeared in the 1606 Mercator’s atlas, published by Hondius. As noted by William P. Cumming (The Southeast in Early Maps), Hondius relied primarily on de Bry’s engravings of White’s and LeMoyne’s maps of Virginia and … Continue reading

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Marquette and Jolliet 1673 Expedition

Louis Jolliet (sometimes spelled Joliet) and Jacques Marquette are credited with the (European) discovery of the Mississippi River. Jacques Marquette (also known as Father Marquette) was a Catholic missionary and explorer. He was born in Laon, France.  In 1666 he came … Continue reading

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Jackson County Michigan Indian Trails Map

This map shows the Indian Trails that traversed Jackson County, Michigan.  I wish there were more maps like it.  You can see this map in detail, along with the ability to zoom, at the following link at the Michigan archives: reading

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James River 1665 Map

You just never know where a great map is going to pop up.  In this case, thanks to Yvette, one of our friends in the Netherlands, we find this one in the Dutch National Archives.  It’s a beautiful map with … Continue reading

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Hudson River 1665 Map

I love old maps, especially maps which show the locations of tribes and villages of Native people.  I don’t know how many of you have been to New York City and visited Long Island, but suffice it to say, it … Continue reading

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