Caribbean Indians Admixture at Jamestown

The earliest Jamestown records are very interesting.

In the October 1627 court minutes, we find the following commentary:

Capt. Sampson had brought into the colony some Indians from the Carib Islands, who have since run away, hid in the woods, joined Indians here, stole goods and likely killed some people according to some Carib Indians who confessed to the same. After some deliberation, it is ordered that these Carib Indians shall be hanged “till they be dead.”

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Scientist, author, genetic genealogist. Documenting Native Heritage through contemporaneous records and DNA.
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1 Response to Caribbean Indians Admixture at Jamestown

  1. john smith says:

    Scuffletown(Pembroke) was the name used by whites for the area where most Lumbees lived.

    NEW YORK HERALD 1872,feb,26

    Robeson County,

    It stood considerably above the average counties of the State in slaves and population,and out of the full-blooded Indians(1,158 in number)ascribed to North Carolina,“NONE“were set down either to ROBESON or Halifax county or Scuffletown,

    Scuffleton(Pembroke)-the mulatto capitol

    The free NEGRO settlement an immemorial FREE NEGRO settlement.I conceive that these NEGROES might have been the slaves of tories driven from the State at the close of the Revolution,or of the emancipated slaves of the Quakers,and that they increased and multiplied by accessions from runaways of all neighboring free NEGROES with a HOMOGENOUS NEGRO SETTLEMENT. (a description of pembroke as a negro settlement!!)

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