1000 Subscribers, A Milestone

Hat tip - Calvin Coolidge

Over this past weekend, the Native Heritage Project blog hit a milestone, 1000 subscribers.  Thank you one and all.  Not bad for just under 15 months since the blog was created!

You’ve probably noticed thank yous and hat tips to people.  That’s President Calvin Coolidge who signed the Indian Citizenship Act of 1924 into law tipping his hat above.

Many of the records buried in dusty archives and other places come to my attention thanks to all of you.  Breathing life into our hidden and forgotten ancestors is about sharing information – and that’s what we do here.  As you know, this blog is about preserving and publishing records about people of Native heritage, especially those displaced, primarily east of the Mississippi.  However, I don’t restrict the records to those locations.  I publish quality records that come my way.  Recently we had a story about Alaska, for example.

In addition to the 1000 subscribers, we have lots of hits on the website too.  Most of the subscribers read the posts via e-mail or RSS feed.  Hits on the website generally aren’t from subscribers, or they are subscribers looking for something in particular.  To date, we’ve had over 114,000 hits on the website as well.

We have a lot of content.  I’ve published 416 articles, as of today.  Remember, the site is searchable, both by key word in the box at the top right that says “search” and by category, such as a specific tribe.  Categories are listed on the right hand side below “recent posts” and “archives,” so scroll down and then click on the category to see posts that relate to that topic.

Enjoy, and if you see something interesting in terms of documentation of Native people, please send it my way.  Hat tip to everyone!!!!

About Roberta Estes

Scientist, author, genetic genealogist. Documenting Native Heritage through contemporaneous records and DNA.
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5 Responses to 1000 Subscribers, A Milestone

  1. J.R. says:


  2. Dee says:

    Congratulations, keep the info coming. We are learning so much.

  3. Darlene Williams says:


  4. Mic Barnette says:


    President Coolidge IS right! You are doing great!

  5. Kent Malcom says:


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