Records Chronology of the Five Civilized Tribes

This chronology was developed from “Records Relating to Native American Research: The Five Civilized Tribes” by George J. Nixon and printed on pages 535 to 557 of THE SOURCE, First Edition.

The five civilized tribes are the Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek and Seminole.


If anyone finds copies or transcriptions of these records online, please e-mail me at

From the website of Kathie M. Donahue, AG, now defunct.

There are four primary repositories for the records pertaining to these tribes:

The Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT (FHL)*

The National Archives (NA)

The National Archives Records Center in Fort Worth, Texas (NARCFW)

The Oklahoma Historical society (OHS) in Oklahoma City

*In the following list the initials of the repository of the record mentioned will follow the description.  Seven-digit numbers following names of records, with or without “FHL” are film numbers for records in the collection of the Family History Library at Salt Lake City, UT.  Such items can be ordered into local LDS Family History Centers (FHC).  To find a local FHC, use the search engine at the LDS site,

Abbreviations Used


– The Chronology –

1800-1815 – Records of the Agent of Dept. of War in TN FHL 1024431; Correspondence & Misc. FHL 1024418; ditto 1803-4 FHL 1024419; ditto 1805-7 FHL 1024420; ditto 1808-9 FHL 1024421; ditto 1810-1812 FHL 1024422; ditto 1813-1815 FHL 1024423; ditto 1816-1818 FHL 1022424; ditto 1819-20 FHL 1024425; ditto 1821-23 FHL 1024426; ditto 1823-1835 1024427; Fiscal 1801-1817 FHL 10224428-1022430

1801-1835 – Records of the Cherokee Agency in TN by Marybelle Chase FHL 1750756 item 23

1817: Cherokee Treaty of Turkey Town Rolls –Old Settlers NA (NDL) – Lists individuals (old settlers) who moved west from NC to MO

1817 – Cherokee – Register of Persons…under Treaty of 1817 (Tahlequah) – FHL 1666295 item 1

1817 -1819: Cherokee Register of Indians wishing to Remain in the East,

2 Vols. NARCFW NA(BIA-IRR) FHL 982251 item 4

1817-1821 – Records of Joseph McMinn, Agent for Cherokee Removal FHL 1024431

1817- 1838: Cherokee Register Indians Wishing to Migrate, 18 Vols.


1819 Feb 27 – Robert Armstrong’s Survey of Cher Lands by James L. Douthat FHL 1598122 item 11

1819: Cherokee Applications for Reservations NARCFW NA(BIA-IRR)

1825-1906: Choctaw Removal Records NA(BIA-IRR)

Includes 1831 census list of reserves, 1856 census, emigration lists, claims of reservations, statements of sales of Choctaw orphan lands, miscellaneous.

1819-1838 Brainerd Mission of United Brethren, Hamilton Co., TN

1828: Cherokee Removal Records ~- Old Settlers NA(NDL) As a result of 1828 Treaty ceding land in AR for lands in OK.

1881-1882 – E. Cherokee Seminaries, Register of, 1881-1882 FHL 1025299 item 1

1828-1834 – Cherokee Phoenix 1828-1834 – New Echota, GA – FHL 825726

1831: Choctaw Census Before Removal NARCFW

1831 -1857: Choctaw Emigration Roll NARCFW

1832 -1836: Apalachicola, Seminole, Kickapoo, Ottawa, Potawatomi, Quapaw

Includes letters, census and muster rolls, abstracts of locations of lands, reports of land sales and deeds, journal of expenditures, statements of land sales.

1833: Creek Census NARCFW

1833- 1886: Creek Removal Records NA (BIA-IRR)

Includes 1833 census, index to reserves, location registers, contracts and certificates, abstracts of contracts, reports on land of deceased reserves, and remarks. Only list of whole Nation east of Mississippi.

1834-1894 – Cherokee Sec. X Removal to the West

1835 E. Cherokee Census of Indians East of the Mississippi River with Index – TN, AL, NC, GA (AKA Henderson Roll) FHL 1036829 item 8

1835- 1869: Cherokee Records of the First Board of Cherokee Commissioners


Includes letters, property valuations and changes, property abstracts and returns, reservation claims and decisions, spoliation claims, debts and judgements, certificates, etc.

1835 -1869: Indian Census Rolls NA(RCD)

1835 Henderson Roll Index FHL 1036829 item 8; Henderson Roll FHL 847743

1835 Henderson Roll TN List FHL 1728882 item 3

1837 -1839: Chickasaw Census and Muster Roll NARCFW

1837- 1845: Cherokee Records of the Second and Third Boards of Cherokee

Commissioners NA(BIA-IRR) (See First Board details)

1841 -1949: Payments to Indian Tribes & Individuals NA (BIA-RFD)

959 Volumes including annuity payment rolls and miscellaneous unbound papers

1842-1853 – Records Relating to Claims (p. 118, Hill); claims against the Old Settler Cherokee for services rendered, good furnished, and damages suffered, 1842-53 (including claims for compiling the Drennen Roll for per capita payment in 1851) – NARA

1844-1856 – Cherokee Advocate 1844-1856 Tahlequah  FHL 989202 item 7; 1865-1l11 OKHS

1846- 1847: Cherokee Records of th Fourth Board of Cherokee Commissioners

NA (BIA-IRR) (See the First Board details)

1847- 1873: Indian Traders’ Register of Licenses NA (BIA-RMD)

1848: Cherokee Mullay Roll NARCFW

First census of Eastern Band of Cherokee after removal; listed individuals and families in NC in 1836 who had not removed to the West or had not received commutation for removal and subsistence; children born after 1836 not included; whites married to Cherokees after 1836 not included; Cherokees outside NC in 1836 not included; persons who had died since included and deathdate given; includes1557 Cherokees; number, name, age remarks; family relationships, date of death, conditions.

1851: Cherokee Drennan Roll NARCFW

1851: Cherokee Emigrant Roll NARCFW

Enumeration of Eastern Cherokee who moved west after 1835 and resided in Indian Territory by 1851.

1851: Cherokee Old Settler Roll NARCFW

Lists individual by district with children unless mother was emigrant Cherokee; if migrant, children were listed with mother on Drennan Roll; 44 families listed as non-residents; used by Guion Miller.

1851: Cherokee Silar Roll NARCFW – FHL 847743

Census of Cherokees east of Mississippi to see who would be eligible for per capita payment based on 1835 treaty; lists 1959 individuals by state and county in NC, TN, AL, GA; also includes disputed cases; categories; number ,name, age, relationship to head of household, sex, blood, remarks.

1851: Cherokee Chapman Roll NARCFW

List of payments made as result of Silar Roll; lists 2134 individuals; categories; number, name, amount received, signature of recipient; individuals listed by family groups and state and county; these individuals included on Guion Miller Roll.

1851 – Cherokee Emigration Roll – John Duncan’s List of Illinois District for Payments at Ft. Gibson – FHL 1666295 item 11

1851 – Cherokee Emigration for Saline Dist with some Illinois Dist, IT – FHL 1666218 item 12

1852 – Cherokee of Flint Dist., IT, Emigrants FHL 1666295 item 9; 1666218 item 9; Going Snake Dist. item 13

Cherokee Emigration from NC (Tahlequah) – FHL 1666218 item 3,5

1856: Choctaw Cooper Census Roll NARCFW

1861-1864 – Indian Home Guards – Indian Territory – FHL 1666295 item 16

1865-1887 Intermarried Whites in Cherokee Nation by A.H. Murcheson FHL 6038979 (1)

1865- 1898: Indian Traders’ Licenses NA (BIA-RMD)

1866: Choctaw and Chickasaw claims for Civil War Damages NA (BIA-RRICWC)

1867: Chickasaw Annuity Roll NARCFW

1867- 1869: Creek Census of Freedmen NARCFW

1867: Cherokee Powell Roll  – List of Cherokees in the Cherokee Nation – NARCFW

1867: Cherokee Index to Freedmen on Tompkins’ Roll NARCFW

1868: Choctaw and Chickasaw Receipt Book for Civil War Claims NA (RRICWC)

1868: Cherokee Swetland Roll NARCFW – FHL 847743

List based on Mullay Roll to enroll individuals living and heirs or legal representatives of deceased; includes separate census of all Eastern Cherokees living in NC and adjoining states; appraisals of value of property, farm products, horses, cattle, etc.; categories; families, number, name, age sex, blood, estate, horses, mules, cows, oxen, cattle, hogs, sheep, wheat, corn, oats, rye, literacy, parents living or dead, remarks.

1868- 1879: Creek Index to Freedmen NARCFW

1869: Creek Claims for Civil War Damage NA (BIA-RRICWC)

1869 -1870: Creek Annuity payments on the Union Side NARCFW

1869 -1870: Creek Abstracts of Civil War Claims NA (BIA-RRICWC)

1869 -1871: Cherokee Swetland enumeration of Sequoyah District of Cherokee

Nation in Indian Territory NARCFW

1870: Creek Orphans and Payments to be Made NA (BIA-RFD)

1870: Creek Census of Orphans and Heirs NARCFW

1873: -1875: Indians, Soldiers & Citizens Killed or Captured NA (BIA-RCD)

of Entries Under Settlers Relief Act NARCFW

1875 -1876: Cherokee Census Roll NARCFW

1875- 1889: Cherokee Citizenship Letters NA (BIA-RLD)

1876-1897 – Cherokee – Letters – Removal to the West

1876- 1882: Indian Trader’s Licenses NA (BIA-RMD)

1878: Chickasaw Annuity Roll NARCFW

1878- 1880: Indian Traders’ Licenses NA (BIA-RMD)

1878- 1880: Cherokee Commission on Citizenship list of rejected claimants


1878- 1884: Choctaw Letters Received Relating to Freedmen NA (BIA-RREEC)

1879- 1880: Cherokee  Receipt Roll NARCFW

1880: Cherokee Census of 1880 NARCFW – FHL 989204 (includes a few Delaware)

Important in preparing Dawes Rolls; any Indian or intermarried white listed was accepted without challenge; notation on 1902 census card showed location and name by which enrolled on 1880 census. Arranged by District within Cherokee Nation; categories; Cherokee citizens including native, adopted white, Shawnee, Delaware, freedmen, orphans under sixteen; persons rejected; citizenship claims pending; “intruders;” permitted squatters; name by family group, age, race, occupation, sex, roll number.

1880 – Cherokee – Supplemental Roll of those left off the roll of 1880, Tahlequah per capita (1883) – FHL 1666218 item 6

1881 – Cherokee – Receipt Roll of Per Capita Payment 14 May – FHL 1666218 item 2

1882: Cherokee Hester Roll NARCFW

An accounting of all persons on the Mullay, Siler, Chapman and Swetland Rolls noting relationship to head of family, age, ancestor on previous rolls, relationship to ancestor, present place of residence, remarks; used by Guion Miller.

1881 – Cherokee – North Carolina Immigrants Allowed Per Capita Under Act of 1881

1883: Cherokee Census of 1883 NARCFW

Authorized for base of per capita payment of monies received from leased land; arranged by districts like 1880 Census; includes orphans’ roll, those in national prisons, supplemental roll with name and age of individuals; receipt roll shows individual’s name and roll number, total number in household, total amount paid each household, name of person receiving payment, name and witness to payment.

1883: Cherokee Freedmen Roll: AKA Wallace Roll NARCFW

1885-1895 – Other Records of the Land Div. (p. 97, Hill); printed matter concerning attorneys’ claims against the Old Settler Cherokee 1885-1895- NARA

1885: Choctaw Freedmen Roll NARCFW

1885- 1898: Roster of Licensed Traders NA (BIA-RMD)

1885- 1909: Roster of Licensed Traders NA (BIA-RMD)

1886: Cherokee census of 1886 NARCFW

Virtually the same as the Cherokee Census of 1883 with the following important additions: gives relationship of individuals to head of household.

1886: Cherokee Delaware payroll NARCFW

1888- 1897: Choctaw miscellaneous court cases and marriage licenses


1889: Cherokee Rolls of Shawnee Cherokee NA (BIA-RLD)

1889- 1890: Cherokee Citizenship Affidavits NA (BIA-RLD)

1889- 1890: Cherokee Census Roll Drafts NA (BIA-RLD)

1889 -1891: Cherokee Citizenship Affidavits of Questioned Freedmen


1889- 1905: Indian Traders’ Licenses NA (BIA-RMD)

1890 -1893: Cherokee Indexes to revised Wallace Roll Freedmen NA (BIA-RLD)

1890 -1896: Cherokee revised Wallace Rolls NA (BIA-RLD)

1890: Cherokee Census NARCFW

Arranged by district and includes six categories: native Cherokees and adopted whites, Shawnees, Delawares; orphans under sixteen; those denied citizenship; citizenship claims pending; “intruders;” permitted squatters; 105 columns of detailed information.

1890: Cherokee census NARCFW

1890: Cherokee Delaware payroll NARCFW

1890: Cherokee receipt roll NARCFW

1890: Cherokee Welfare Rolls NA (BIA-RLD

1890: Chickasaw Census of Pickens & Pontotoc Counties NARCFW

1890: Choctaw index to enrollment cases NARCFW

1890: Creek Annuity Roll NARCFW

1891 -1892: Cherokee Supplemental Census Rolls NA (BIA-RLD)

1891 -1893: Cherokee Citizenship Affidavits NA (BIA-RLD)

1892- 1899: Indian Traders’ Applications for Licenses NA (BIA-RMD)

1893: Cherokee Census NARCFW

Lists Cherokee citizens by blood, adopted whites, freedmen, Shawnees, Delawares, intermarried persons, Creeks; arranged by district; categories: individual’s name, age, sex, admission reference, name of guardian.

1895 – Records Concerning Tribal and Individual Indian Moneys and Payments to Indians – Census Roll of Old Settlers in I.T., 1895- NARA

1895: Cherokee Old Settler Census Roll NA (BIA-RFD) + 1851 Payroll FHL 1698148 item 6

1895: Creek Census of Coweta, Deep Fork, Eufala, Muscogee, Okmulgee and

Wewoka Districts NARCFW

1895: Creek Census by Towns NARCFW

1895 -1896: Creek Citizenship Cases NARCFW

1896: Cherokee Index to Old Settler Payment Roll NA (BIA-RLD)

1896: Cherokee Rolls of Shawnee Cherokee NA (BIA-RLD)

1896: Cherokee Payment Roll NARCFW

1896: Chickasaw Census NARCFW

Based on 1851 Old Settler Roll; names of those still living listed first; then, those who died and their heirs each heir’s relationship; categories.

1896: Choctaw Census with index NARCFW

Choctaw national warrants (no date) NARCFW

1896- 1897: Cherokee Roll of Freedmen NA (BIA-RLD)

1897: Cherokee Index to Freedmen Payment Rolls NA (BIA-RFD)

Cherokee Freedmen Payment Roll NA (BIA-RFD)

1897: Cherokee Index to Supplemental Payment Roll for Freedmen NA (BIA-RFD)

1897: Cherokee supplemental Roll for Freedmen NA (BIA-RFD)

1897: Cherokee Exhibits for Freedmen Payment Rolls NA (BIA-RFD)

1897: Cherokee Roll NARCFW

Taken from 1894 “Strip Payment” roll; lists enrollment number, name, age, sex, occasionally mentions deceased parents or names used on earlier rolls.

1897: Cherokee list of Colored Persons NARCFW

BIA Censuses – Cherokee, Eastern

FHL 573868 – 1898, 1899, 1904, 1906, 1909-1912, 1914

FHL 573869 – 1915-1922

FHL 573870 – 1923-1929

FHL 573871 – 1930-1932

FHL 573872 – 1933-1939

1899: Choctaw Indexes and Records of Testimony by Mississippi Choctaw


1899: Creek Citizenship Admissions NARCFW

1900: Seminole Census NARCFW

Listed by blood (clan) bands of Thomas Palmer, Echo Emarthoge, Simon Brown, Yaha Harjo, Tusekia Harjo, Kinkehe, Thomas little, Obtiarche, Echoille, William Cooper, Nuthcup Harjo, Asaske Harjo; freedmen listed in Doser Barkus and Caesar Bruner bands.

1901: Choctaw Additional Evidence to 1899 Testimonies NARCFW

Choctaw Index to Mississippi Choctaw children (undated) NARCFW

1901: Seminole Annuity Payroll NARCFW

1901 -1907: Choctaw Applications for Admission to Mississippi Choctaw NA


1900: Cherokee equalization payroll NARCFW

Cherokee index to Delaware Cherokees payroll NARCFW

1900: Choctaw Rolls and Lists of new Choctaw citizens in South McAlester and

Ardmore NARCFW

1902 -1907: Choctaw and Chickasaw Indexes NARCFW

1902: Choctaw “proceedings of identity” for Mississippi Choctaws NARCFW

Includes alphabetical index, index to applications, rejected appeals for citizenship (Choctaw & Chickasaw)

1902: Choctaw Roll of Freedmen NARCFW

1903: Choctaw Roll and Index NARCFW

1904: Cherokee per capita payroll for Delawares NARCFW

1904: Creek Roll of Original Emigrants and Heirs NARCFW

1904: Creek Annuity Payments on Union side NARCFW

1905: Chickasaw Roll for the “leased district” NARCFW

1906: Choctaw per capita payrolls NARCFW

1906: Creek Annuity Payments on Union Side NARCFW

1907 -1908: Choctaws & Chickasaws at Murrow Indian Orphan Home NARCFW

1907 -1908: Choctaw Land Lottery NARCFW

1908: Cherokee Churchill Roll of Eastern Cherokee NA (BIA-RREEC)

Contains fewer names than Miller roll; roll was disputed due to exclusion of some people and inclusion of others.

1908: Seminole Miscellaneous Roll NA (BIA-RCFW)

1909: Cherokee Guion Miller Roll of Eastern Cherokee NA (BIA-RREEC)

29 volumes of which ten are transcripts of testimony listed chronologically, exceptions to findings; printed copy of completed roll with two 1910 supplements; copies of Drennen, Chapman, “Old Settler” rolls; consolidated index for Chapman and Drennen rolls; separate index for Old Settler Roll; listed under Records of the United States Court of Claims; roll of Eastern Cherokee 1909; correspondence, reports, Eastern Cherokee Enrollment 1907- 1916; index to council roll of Eastern Band of Cherokee

1907- 1908.

1910: Cherokee Supplement to the Guion Miller Roll NA (BIA-RREEC)

1910 -1928: Choctaw and Chickasaw Per Capita Payments NARCFW

1913: Choctaw Per Capita Payrolls NARCFW

1917 -1929: Choctaw Annuity Payrolls NA (BIA-NDL)

1918: Creek Annuity Roll NA (BIA-NDL)

1925- 1928: Eastern Cherokee Applications and Related Records


1926 -1928: Eastern Cherokee Decisions on Enrollment NA (BIA-RREEC)

1927- 1928: Eastern Cherokee Transcripts of Testimony NA (BIA-RREEC)

1928: Eastern Cherokee Roll NA (BIA-RREEC)

1929: Eastern Cherokee Index to enrollment Records NA (BIA-RREEC)

1929: Eastern Cherokee Alphabetical Index to Names Appearing in Testimony


1930: Eastern Cherokee Report of the Commissioners of Indian Affairs




FHL = Family History Library micro film or fiche number or book call number

NA = National Archives, Washington, D.C.

NARCFW = National Archives Record Center, Fort Worth, TX

OHS = Oklahoma Historical Society, Oklahoma City, OK

(BIA  = Bureau of Indian Affairs section of National Archives

(RREEC) = Records Relating to Enrollment of the Eastern Cherokee

(RFD) = Records of the Finance Division

(RLD) = Records of the land Division

(RMD) = Records of the Miscellaneous Division

(RRICWC) = Records Relating to Indian Civil War Claims

(IRR) = Indian Removal Records

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    All my Grand parents and theirs parents said they where going to put on the rolls and go to the resvation out west . My Family is Gunter and Edwards from GA. Mississippi Alabama, Florida . I do have family on the dowel Roll but the roll has them in Oklahoma when they were in Florida . What can I do

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