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Web sites come and web sites go.  Jack is replacing his old website, www.jgoins.com, now defunct, with a new blog, Melungeon and Appalachian Research.  Blogs are much easier to update and keep current, don’t require any knowledge of web programming, and tend to be much more spontaneous.  The good news is that Jack is bringing over the information from his former website as well as writing new articles.

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Jack Goins is the patriarch of Melungeon research.  He is the Hawkins County, TN archivist, has written 2 books on Melungeons, “Melungeons and Other Pioneer Families,” now out of print, and “Melungeons, Footprints from the Past.”  Additionally, Jack founded both the Y-DNA, mitochondrial (maternal) DNA and autosomal Families of Interest DNA Melungeon projects.  Jack is a co-author of the academically published paper, Melungeons, a Multi-Ethnic Population and has been a featured speaker in many locations.

Articles already on his blog include:

Newman Ridge Gang

Update on Stony Creek Church Minutes

Newman Ridge

Maybe Melungeon

Micajer Bunch

Zephaniah Goins Fought in Yorktown Campaign

Hawkins County Archival Project

Union 6 Presentation by Jack Goins

Creeks, Rivers and Streams

There’s lots more to come.  You can subscribe to his blog by scrolling down past the list of links on the right hand side to the “Follow by E-Mail” option.



About Roberta Estes

Scientist, author, genetic genealogist. Documenting Native Heritage through contemporaneous records and DNA.
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46 Responses to Jack Goins New Blog – Melungeon and Appalachian Research

  1. I am so pleased to see that you have finally decided to do this Jack! You have truly been an inspiration to those of us who are seeking our roots!

  2. Cleland L Thorpe says:

    Jack, I had not intended to respond to this new blog but for the benefit of those new to this research, I feel obligated to comment. Why the big switch when just a few months ago you and your associates posted an article that was carried by AP saying those of us called Melungeons
    (descendants) were the product of a few white women and some black men? It is well known that a lot of those folks from Hancock Co. Tenn have Native Blood flowing through their veins. None are Pure Bloods but have the right to be called Indian as much or more that being called Sub-Saharan descendants. There is no doubt a lot are mixed Black, White and Indian. Why are you now getting of the Indian bandwagon /
    Cleland Thorpe
    A proud member of the Tribe of the SC Cherokees

  3. Jack Goins says:

    Almost all of these article were on my old web site. I am on the bandwagon for documentation, that is why I formed the Hawkins Archive, which has the illegal voting trials of the Melungeons. According to male descendants my sixth generation Grandfather George Sizemore was Q, native American. I followed my Sizemore family on court and land records to Halifax County, Va. through the old records and they never lived as Indians. And neither did the Melungeons. I don’t know why you have a problem with the origin of the Melungeons beginning with African men and European women. This is the very reason our people were enumerated Mulatto on the old tax and land records. I will be posting those tax and court records on my blog. Jack

    • Peg Duli says:

      Jack I am old now and finally learning a bit about my ancestry. The earliest I know they were from Maryland, the despised people. By birth I am Wennie GOins, although I have gone by different names in childhood and most of my life an Irish name, which was never ours. My stepmother did not let me go outside, feared – she will go dark. Internet gets me to places I couldn’t go before. I will continue reading.

  4. barbara riley says:

    My ggranfather is Hansford D Walker b1809 SC d 1864 Grant Parish La. he is grouped in the group 10 Walkers for Y Dna. These Walker were in Tenn, I think all over. Some in Mulberry Gap, and near Grainger, Union Tenn. Hansford if buried in the Guynes Cemetery in Pollock La…These Guynes-Goins are decendents of Henry Hall Guynes. Thanks for any information regarding Guynes and Walkers of Tenn.

  5. Andrea Van Leesten says:

    My father is from Dyer Co, TN Andrew ( Andy) Goins if he were alive he would be 99.

  6. Anns Noble says:

    Am interested in connection between Noble family of Breathitt County, KY and Mahala Mullins.

  7. Jo Spencer says:

    I am a genealogist. My research began 16 years ago with my family lines in eastern
    Kentucky and Virginia. Two years ago we formed an on-line research group I have compiled a document of over 100 females going back to VA with the name Nikitie (and variations.) This list includes many of the surnames we find in Melungeon research; Mullins, Gibson, Combs, Vanover, Fleming. I would like to offer my services for people researching Melungeon ancestry.

  8. Kari shafer says:

    I am very interested in learning about the Goins family and melungeon ancestry. My great grand father ( my moms moms dad) was a goins and its been extremly hard to find any branches in the tree. First we were told he was native american because his mom was and hr was born in oklahoma, however ehen researching his father comes up as black in the census. Any info or help you could give me would be fabulous.

    Thanks and blessings to you
    Kari shafer

  9. My paternal grandma’s mom was born a Goins. also, my paternal grandma’s father, Thomas, descended from a Martha goins. Thomas’s grandmother was a Goins. They were from Campbell Co Tennessee. Any information would be appreciated since I have always been told we descend from Native Americans. Do you have contact information? or is the email above still good? Thanks!

    • Marti Franklin-Motton says:

      My I am related to a Thomas Goins from out of the Western md. End. He married a mulatto named Eliza and Frances they had a son named Luther Williams am Goins. They lived in Frederick Co. Md. he was my g.g grandfather

    • Marti Franklin-Motton says:

      By the way Luther married a Martha Miles

      • bonnie peters says:

        Jack, I wonder if you have run into any information on  Nancy Caroline Smith Morton of Hawkins, County, Tennessee.  As we understand it, she has a native American heritage.  I suspect she may have been married previous to her marriage to Jasper Morton.  She married Jasper Morton in 1873 and died in 1916. I enjoy your blog. Bonnie Peters,Union County Historian

  10. Brenda (Guilkey) Jordan says:

    Hello..so glad to have found your site..I was adopted, but my blood kin are Blevins, Boggs, Parker, Brown, Holsinger..and other loveable hillbillies.. would love to connect with some shirttail cousins..

  11. kathy blair says:

    I am trying to locate copies of either one or both of jack h goins books on melungeons. I am a goins decendant & a goins on maternal & parernal side. My grandmother and grandfather on my Mother’s side were both sides. Lige (Elijah) & Dora Goins were my great grandparents. So were Albert & Bertie Goins. Could someone help me locate one or both of his books. I’m trying to trace my family. Thank you in advance.

  12. Marcia Proctor says:

    Jack, Can you tell me why Hezekiah Carr Williams was included with the “Core Families” in your Melungeon study? I see the Timothy Williams designation on the census- FWP of color, but Hezekiah Carr Williams is listed as white. (I thought the census had to reflect something other than white-)

    • Jack replied as follows: Hezekiah Carr Williams kit 117479 is not in the core Melungeon DNA project he is in Melungeon related Families.

      Roberta – I will add that the Melungeon Family project is available for anyone to join. The Core project requires administrator approval.

      • Marcia Proctor says:

        I am trying to trace beyond Hezekiah Carr Williams, and so was wondering what was known of him (that he ended up in this study.) Can’t seem to find any info other than Lee census 1820. (Lee County Virginia.) Any help would be appreciated. Also, as for participating, I thought that being a female, I can’t really follow the line back with my DNA.

      • You can test autosomally and that shows you both your male and females lines. In the Melungeon Family project, anyone who thinks they are Melungeon can join. It’s open, so I don’t know why that person joined that project. However, the reason we have the Melungeon Core project is so that we can monitor and control who does join – to make sure their direct paternal ancestor is relevant. You’ll need to contact the owner of that kit. If you test autosomally, you may match them.

  13. Danny Goins Sr says:

    I’m writing on behalf of my husband Danny Frank Goins Sr he’s the son of James Jasper Goins from Sneedville, TN which Danny lives in Oklahoma now. We will be reading your blogs. Just interested in wanting to know more about where we came from if we are Native Americans if so which tribe. I’m Georgetta, Dannys wife and I’m full blood Seminole & Creek. I would like to do more studying on this it’s very interesting. I know my heritage and I think everyone deserves to know about their people. Thank you

  14. Patricia Chambers says:

    My mother is a Goins. I have traced her heritage from north and South Carolina. Her family migrated to Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan. They have owned property since the mid 1700s which has led me to question whether their descendants were ever slaves. Pictures of her family resemble some of those posted as melungeon. They have been listed in the U.S. census as white and mulatto since the mid 1700s. How can I request a dna test to determine if they are descendants of melungeon? Mitochondrial DNA will not work as her father was the Goins. She does however have a male first cousin. Their fathers were brothers of the same parents. My mom is almost 80. How can I confirm or disprove this heritage while they are still alive? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    • Sherla Alberola says:

      Your heritage sounds very much like my Goins line that came from the Newman Ridge area (Henry Co,VA)….to Southern Indiana, then up to Cass Co, Michigan. Until the early 1900s we were always enumerated as Mulatto. Although my grandmother always said that we were “a little bit” Indian, a recent DNA test I did with Ancestry shows that I am 4% African….and not at all Native American. Jack Goins once told me over the phone that he and I share the same 5th g-grandfather, so I guess that makes me a candidate for the Project. I would like to communicate further with you on your IN,MI Goins line. Please write to me at sherlaja@gmail.com.
      Sherla Alberola

  15. Stephanie (Vanover) Agudelo says:

    I just started researching my fascinating genealogy. My paternal grandmother’s name was Gladys Vanover. I was told my paternal grandfather’s surname was Casteel (or Castle, not sure). Grandma claimed Cherokee ancestry. I know nothing about Grandpa, as my father never knew him. My dad was born in Fayetteville AR in 1938. There is some info on genealogy websites, but it is scant. Before he passed away, my father did some family tree research and came up with the name Kilgore, Cherokee ancestors who were in the Trail of Tears. A lot of pieces seem to fit suggesting Melungeon roots in my dad’s side. I just sent in my ancestryDNA sample, and eagerly awaiting the results!

  16. Liz Herald says:

    I have been searching for my gggrandfather His name I have been told is Francis Hall.He has a son Hezekiah Hall who I picked up on in Harlan Co .Ky.have always heard my grandmother from this family was of Native American descent.Then I have been reading about Melungeon roots, had never heard of this but, I can see it,

  17. Amber says:

    My great- grandmother’s name was Minnie Fulkerson Leonard & her mother’s maiden name is Rebecca Casteel. When my grandpa was born, they lived in Vanndell, Arkansas.

  18. Sandra says:

    This is for Mr. Goins: My mother tells me that my great grandpa came from Newman’s Ridge and that we are Melungeons. His name was James C. Stuard, we have not been able to find anything about him and we have had serveral family members research our Family Tree. Could you tell me if you know of any Stuard’s coming from Newman’s Ridge. Thank you for your time–Sandra

  19. Bonnie Heiskell Peters says:

    Hi Mr.Goins, I serve as Union County Historian and we have spoken previously. Did you know or have you heard of Mr. Howard Mullins.. An acquaintance has asked me for information, which I do not have. Thanks, Bonnie Heiskell Peters

  20. Dana W. Reynolds-Marniche says:

    Can someone help point me to the best archives to search for in North Carolina for the Goins, Harris, Minor, Hale people. I am black American. This year after many years of speculating melungeon connections (for various reasons) I learned the people living next door to my Hale ggreatparents were genetically related to me. The grandmother there, a Parker a mulatto former slave b. in the late 1700s of the Nichols/Nuckolls family that I found is my genetically related ancestor to me and was once living in Tennessee. Her daughter was an Indianna Goings- Burnett/Barnard b. abt 1808 d/o Richard Goins and her granddaughter an Ann Goins- Meghee living in the same house.

    This Ann Goins onced lived in Patrick Co., VIrginia and in an 1850 census. I found on the next page a Charlotte Goings/Goins b. abt 1824 with a Nancy Harris b. 1810 both born in North Carolina living with Findlay’s who are descendants of Choctaws according to Paul Heinegg. Later I found one of these Goings in North Carolina next to the Patrick Co. Virginia Thomas Collins in Peters Creek Surry? or Stokes, North Carolina.
    I found this Ann Goins had children who were married to people named Estes. I discovered my Reynolds/Stewart side was formerly married to a descendant of a Peter Estes Liggon.
    Melungeon and Indian names keep coming up on this side of the family My direct lines are Stewart, Goings, Turner and they are connected to or living with Findlays, Gibson, eFInlay On 23andme I have a few cousins from Lebanon and elsewhere in the Middle East whose grandparents were born there so I think some of the original peoples may have been of Portuguese origin at least. Ancestry.com also keeps putting me in circles to a Johnson people that are living next to the melungeon Collins in Hancock (formerly Hawkins) Tennessee and intermarried with them. I am thus trying to find out who this Richard Goins/Goings was as he appears to be my direct ancestor and also the Nancy Harris (Goings?) born in N. Carolina around 1810. Richard may have been born in Virginia, Tennessee, or North Carolina.
    I am assuming the Hale people were connected to these North Carolina and Patrick Co. somehow as the father Jacob Hale living next to these Goings in people in Franklin is simply called “the old Indian”.

    • I would suggest the North Carolina State Archives in Raleigh.

    • Jo Spencer says:

      Dana; your ancestry is fascinating. I have been a genealogist for 20 years. Although I am not African American, I published a book titled “My Other Heart: African American History in Kentucky.” I have identified four separate Indian lines on my mother’s side of the family. The first time I heard the word Melungeon I was spellbound. It explains so many of the poorest people in southeastern Kentucky who have such a rich mixture of ethnic lines. If you want my help, you can email me and I will not charge you anything. jospencer77 at gmail dot com

  21. Jeff Collins. says:

    Jack, I have recently found out my great great grandfather and great great great grandparents were from Montgomery County , Virginia. The last name was Collins. I don’t know if they were Melungeon or not. That being said many of my family share physical traits that resemble the Melungeons. Their names were Daniel Millard Collins and his parents were Daniel and Phoeby Collins. Any info to point me in the correct direction would be greatly appreciated.

  22. Jeff Collins says:

    Thank You again. I believe that was the test I was referring to. May not have stated it correctly. I did not even know what Melungeon was until last week. Accidently found my GG Grandfather while looking for something else. This stuff is so cool. Thank again.

  23. Summer Hyatt says:

    My husband has deep roots with surnames like – Ashworth, Johnson, Drake, Goins, Nash, Dial and Perkins. He is a part of the Hyatt/Clark’s from Starks, Louisiana. I’m on a hunt to understand his lineage better. Is their a recommended group or organization that he can join? Do you have to prove the ancestry?

  24. Sonja says:

    I plan on driving through Newman’s ridge area on my vacation next week if there are any historical sites that are tied to my Melungeon roots. Can you recommend any place for me to go?

  25. Marcia Hall says:

    George Fields, son of Chief Richard Fields-Hamilton Co, TN, Sale Creek was allied with the Goins- He married Sallie Daniel, Nannie Squirrel and Sarah Sandel Goins. Offspring of Sallie Daniel left for Kansas, Cherokee Nation. I research Cherokee History- a direct descendant of Fields and Vann. For more Info contact me at teachersunion@roadrunner.com Marcia Hall

  26. Vera Zink says:

    Dear, Mr. Goings my name is Vera (Hackworth)
    Zink. I come from the Goins and Ramey Family…I have traced my tree on the Ramey side back to Jacob Pierre Ramey and would like to know what to do next…I see that there are people who do the DNA testing due to the chromosome you speak of. I have some of my tree documents saved in my phone and my first
    set was printed off then lost which were documented from my family back to Loretta lynn and Crystal Gayle. My grandmother was Ella J Ramey born of Henry F Ramey and Elizabeth.Then married Roy Hackworth they had a son Hansford Hackworth, my father….I hope you may be able to give me help and advice. My grandma Ella would always tell me stories of our Indian Heritage and I have always wanted to connect to be able to claim for my family, any and all help would be appreciated.

  27. Terry Smith says:

    My great great grandpa is Jamess Monroe Goins he was married to Cuzzanna Goins (Fields) was wondering if he is listed on any tribal roll

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