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Indians in Missouri

Missouri at one time hosted several Native tribes, but today, none remain.  The Illini, Missouri, Osage and Quapaw were the primary tribes with the Chickasaw occupying the far southeast corner, the Ioway the northern border and the Otoe the far northwest … Continue reading

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Qalipu Mi’kmaq Founding Membership Opportunity Ends Nov. 30th

At the Native American Focus Meeting at the Family Tree DNA Conference, David Pike mentioned an opportunity to apply for membership in the Qalipu Mi’kmaq band.  This is a relatively newly formed band, and the opportunity to become a founding member … Continue reading

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Sioux Tribe Raising Funds to Purchase Sacred Land – Deadline Looms

Tribes of the Great Sioux Nation hope to buy nearly 2,000 acres in the Black Hills that they call Pe’ Sla. The property is important to their creation story, and tribal members have long held ceremonies there. When the land … Continue reading

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History of the Old Cheraws

The book, “History of the Old Cheraws” by Alexander Gregg (1819-1893) was written and published in 1867.  When I ordered this book, I expected this was about the Cheraws, meaning, the Indians, but for the most part, it wasn’t. The opening chapters, … Continue reading

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Chief Silver Tongue – Oscar Norton

One just never knows what’s going to turn up in the WWI draft registrations.  In the Missouri registrations, there was a very confusing entry.  Indexed by Ancestry under the surname of Tongue, a man is listed as Chief Silver Oscar Tongue … Continue reading

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Genoa, Nebraska Indian School

While transcribing the Native American draft registrants in Nebraska, I had noticed a few in Nance County.  It’s not the most common county to find Native people.  When I ran across John Red Wolf’s information, the Nance County designation made … Continue reading

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Records Chronology of the Five Civilized Tribes

This chronology was developed from “Records Relating to Native American Research: The Five Civilized Tribes” by George J. Nixon and printed on pages 535 to 557 of THE SOURCE, First Edition. The five civilized tribes are the Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, … Continue reading

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Weyanoake Indian Tom Freeman

By Fletcher Freeman The Colonial Records of North Carolina, Second Series, Volume VII entitled “Records of the Executive Council,” on page 416, has a deposition given by Richard Booth in which he states that in the year 1667  he took … Continue reading

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Family Tree DNA Conference 2012 – Native American Focus Meeting

Wow. Talk about drinking from a firehose. From the minute we arrived in the lobby Friday afternoon until we got back to the airport Sunday evening, we barely had time to breathe. This was an amazing conference in many ways. … Continue reading

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Lost Colony, Hyde County and Lumbee Berry Families

I am very hopeful that one of our subscribers can help solve this mystery.  As you will see, several of the Lost Colony Research Group are working on this project, but we currently need Berry family members from both Robison and Hyde … Continue reading

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