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God Willing and the Creek Don’t Rise

When I was growing up, this was something we said all of the time.  Given that many small farm streams were crossed without bridges, which worked find most of the time, a swollen stream would cause problems.  Most of the … Continue reading

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Scotch Irish Influence on Native Names

We all know that the Scotch-Irish immigrated to the colonies, and then the States, in droves, spurred by warfare and famine.  Many times these most hearty of pioneers settled on the frontiers as they did in Pennsylvania, then the Shenandoah … Continue reading

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Alaska Culture Comes Alive in Tanacross

Alaska seem so remote from the continental US.  That’s because it is in more ways than one.  During my visits to Alaksa, I have always felt like I stepped back about 40 or 50 years in time.  Things are different there.  … Continue reading

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Oliver Cromwell, an Indian Patriot from New Jersey

Oliver Cromwell, an Indian of possible “mixed descent,” served in the 2nd New Jersey Regiment in the Revolutionary War.  While in his mid twenties, he enlisted at the beginning of the war.  He served in the 2nd Regiment of the … Continue reading

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Little Abraham Tyorhansera, Mohawk Indian, Wolf Clan Chief

I was very surprised to find this man listed in the Forgotten Patriots document as a Revolutionary War veteran.  Do you recall why perhaps?  Yes, indeed, the Mohawks, for the most part, joined the British, in Canada, and fought AGAINST … Continue reading

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Honyere and Honyost Doxtator

In the book, Forgotten Patriots, in the New York section, we find something rather unique and interesting.   An Oneida Indian is given by his Native names, which are spelled variously, probably phoenetically as best they could be, but then he is also … Continue reading

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Daniel Earring

I was quite surprised to see the name Daniel Earring in the Carlisle Indian School records.  I was interested to know whether this name was an anomaly or whether it was a name found among Native families.  Daniel was Sioux.  … Continue reading

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Eleazor Wheelock and the Dartmouth Indians

Eleazar Wheelock (April 22, 1711 – April 24, 1779) was an American Congregational minister, orator, educator, and founder of Dartmouth College. He was born in Windham, Connecticut to Ralph Wheelock and Ruth Huntington. He is the great-grandson of the first … Continue reading

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The Hatteras Indian Village and the Live Forked Oak Stump

The Indian Village on Hatteras Island was granted to William Elks and the Hatteras Indians in 1759.  They were already living there as had been demonstrated in a 1756 NC legislative record wherein Thomas Elks complains that Thomas Robb is … Continue reading

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Bertie Co., NC – Potential Fort Location

In May, 2012 the now famous Bertie County fort icon on John White’s map was discovered at the British Museum .  We covered this in two postings, one about the discovery and a second one that provided some historical analysis.  … Continue reading

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