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Headrights for Jacob, an Indian

So how does one obtain headrights for an Indian? Headrights in colonial America were rights to a certain amount of land, typically 50 acres, to be claimed by someone who imported an individual by ship from the mother country.  If people paid … Continue reading

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Indian Thomas, First Indian with a Christian Name

In Jamestown in 1663, we see the first instance of an Indian being given a Christian name, except for Pochahontas who was renamed Rebecca after her 1614 married to John Rolfe.  Prior to this, the Indians, when mentioned, were either … Continue reading

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Indian Reservations as Sovereign Nations

Did you know that Indian reservations are independent nations?  Indian Nations are allowed, within limits to govern themselves.  Many have their own police forces and courts.  Tribal sovereignty in the United States refers to the inherent authority of indigenous tribes … Continue reading

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How do you spell Opportunity? Highland Park, Michigan

Where, you ask, is Highland Park, Michigan and why would someone go there?  More specifically, why would many someones go there? The answer becomes apparent when looking at the draft card registrations of the men in 1917 and 1918 who were … Continue reading

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William Eaton’s Muster Roll of 1754 – Granville Co., NC

The Saponi Indians were allied and grouped with the Eno, the Shakori, the Totera and others especially after their time settled at Fort Christanna from about 1714-1716.  William Eaton was a well-known trader and he obtained land in Granville County, NC.  The smaller eastern tribes were … Continue reading

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Golden Hill Paugussett Indian Tribe

Sometimes this project takes you down paths on journeys you didn’t anticipate. Today’s journey was to the Paugussett Tribe in Stratford., Ct.  While searching for works by Wesley (White) Taukchiray Jr. in 1975 and 1988, which I never found, I instead found a … Continue reading

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Who was Isaac Zane?

We found Isaac Zane mentioned in the  petition of the descendants of John Ward, a white man captured by the Indians as a youth and raised among them.  Isaac Zane was involved, but how and why?  We also discovered he … Continue reading

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Salt and Water

Some English translations of Native names are obvious.  And some, well, I’m left to believe that something just didn’t make it in the translation.  Here’s an example: Information on this page is from Index of Awards on Claims of the … Continue reading

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Roster of the NC 69th Cherokee Regiment – Civil War

This is the second hat tip in one day to Beverly for finding the roster of the Cherokee regiment online.  I couldn’t download the pdf to print it, but it’s certainly readable on the screen.  The Cherokee roster begins on … Continue reading

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William H. Thomas’s Cherokee Legion of the 69th NC Regiment of the Civil War (Confederate)

William H. Thomas was the only known white Chief of the Cherokee. His legion of 400 Cherokee men was a part of the larger 69th North Carolina regiment and fought bravely in the Civil War. They did not own … Continue reading

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