Plunder of the Chickahominy

When we think of plunder, it’s often in the context of Indians raiding English homesteads and villages. We think of the settlers as having valuables and livestock to plunder, and the Indians having little.  But that wasn’t always the case, as we can see in the following record where Thomas Turner is to keep his share of the plunder he took from the Chickahominy amounting to 190 pounds of tobacco and a cask:

 A Study of Virginia Indians and Jamestown: The First Century (chapter 10 table link)

Related Issues to Bacon’s Rebellion:

Source Name/ Party Type Date Payment/
Servants Slaves Details
Haun 1989:104 Thomas Turner & Lt. Thomas Busby Judgement 6 May 1679 Southwarke Share of plunder     Thomas Turner to have his share of the plunder that he and Busby took from the Chickahominy Indians. The balance is 190 lbs. of tobo. & cask.

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