Martin Buzzard-Flopper

Martin Buzzard-Flopper was listed on the 1869 Cherokee West Census.  There were several Buzzards, but only one Buzzard-Flopper.  In his household were 1 woman, 4 male children and 2 female children.

What, exactly, was a Buzzard-Flopper?  I can see a practical joker, one who flops the buzzard. 

I was curious about Martin.  Surely a man with such an unusual name would either be easy to find or impossible.  Easy if he used Buzzard-Flopper, or difficult if this were a one-time name that he decided to use for this census.

Martin it turns out, was easy to find.  He was born sometime around 1838 in Georgia.  He married Peggy Pumpkinpile, another Cherokee.  He served in the Civil War.  He is listed on the Drennan Roll in 1851, but on the Dawes Rolls, his son James changed his name to Martin, from Buzzard-Flopper.  I can’t imagine why.

Martin died between 1876 and 1880, not an old man.  His native name is recorded two different ways, Ah-Yun-Ta-Kee and A-Hu-Lu-De-Gi, the translation given as “he throws away the drum.”  I thought sure it would be “he who flops the buzzard.”  Maybe he threw the drum at the buzzard.

So I have to wonder, are there some Martin families out there today who thinks they are Martins but in reality, they are Buzzard-Floppers and don’t know it?!!

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Scientist, author, genetic genealogist. Documenting Native Heritage through contemporaneous records and DNA.
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10 Responses to Martin Buzzard-Flopper

  1. I wonder if Pumpkinpile might be a version of Perkipile, a surname found in North Carolina.

  2. paula martin says:

    i would like more information on martin buzzardflopper

  3. Holly Lawson says:

    Martin Buzzardflopper one word is my great grand father on my mom’s side her maiden name is Martin. His wife was Peggy Pumpkinpile.

  4. Jaiwana Williams says:

    I am the granddaughter of James Mayfield Martin aka James Martin a Buzzardflopper. No hyphen. Born 1890 to Annie Owens and Martin Buzzardflopper.

  5. I have a Claim of Cherokee Descent by William Alexander Beck. He was my 2nd great grandmother’s brother. He stated he lived in Buzzard Flopper settlement 1836-1838 -later named Ball Ground, GA. He stated kinsmen/neighbors of his mother Winnifred Nevill Beck were: Darkess, Buzzard Flopper, Coon, Hummingbird, & Joe Chick. Another kinsman, Isaac Swimmer, was mentioned also. He stated, “they would visit our home, lie the children down by my mother’s child and say “Ichulaha” meaning alike”. I would like to learn more about this.

  6. Lorraine Povey says:

    Hi, just wondering if this martin is connected to a Henry Thomas martin 1876-1939 as i’m trying to trace our aboriginal history as proof for child protection. thank you

  7. Carrie Lynn Bennett says:

    I am a decendent of this line. I am looking for info on Di-wo-so-gi Buzzard Flopper.He was the father of Ahu-Lude-gi (William) (P. Martin) Buzzard Flopper. I would appreciate the help. TY

  8. Jacob says:

    I have curiosity about a little boy listed in the household of James Martin on the 1900 census. His name was listed as Bennie Foster (Orphan). If anyone reading this knows anything or has any documents pertaining to Bennie please contact me or respond to this comment. Also listed in the household at this time was Sally Martin, Sally Tony, Thomas Martin, James Martin. Thank you.

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