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Ancestor of Native Americans in Asia was 30% “Western Eurasian”

The complete genome has recently been sequenced from 4 year old Russian boy who died 24,000 years ago near Lake Baikal in a location called Mal’ta, the area in Asia believed to be the origin of the Native Americans based … Continue reading

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Modern Faces and Ancient Migrations

Our friends at Abroad in the Yard wrote an interesting article back in December 2011 about Modern Faces and Ancient Migrations. As you’re probably aware, the migration of people, their ethnicity and how they came to be where they are … Continue reading

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Wounded Knee

‎123 years ago, on December 28,1890, Chief Spotted Elk was deathly sick with pneumonia.. His band of Lakota set off in the snow from Cheyenne River to seek shelter with Red Cloud at Pine Ridge reservation. Big Foot’s band was … Continue reading

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Cut Your Hair – or Else

It was 1902.  The government was unhappy that Indians were acting like, well, Indians, with their own customs and ways of life.  The government wanted to make the Indians white, or what they called “civilized,” so they would stop causing trouble … Continue reading

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Ancient DNA Analysis From Canada

Recently a new academic paper focused on Native American ancestry hit the news.  Ripan Malhi’s molecular anthropology and ancient DNA lab at the University of Illinois, shown above, in Urbana, Illinois has successfully extracted DNA from remains of individuals whose bones … Continue reading

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Chief Dan George Laments Canada’s 100th Birthday

Chief Dan George (1899-1981) was an Indian Chief, an activist, an actor and a poet.  His best-known written work was “My Heart Soars.”  In this YouTube video, the poem is read by his son, Chief Leonard George. Former Chief of … Continue reading

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Indians and the Census 1790-2010

Census enumerators had a big influence on our genealogy records.  These people we don’t know decided who was of what race and recorded the family as such.  Most of the time, those records were sacrosanct.  I only know of one … Continue reading

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Are the First Depictions of Native Americans in the Vatican?

Christopher Columbus made landfall in 1492 – we all know that – and “discovered” the North American continent.  His voyage was financed by Ferninand and Isabella, the Spanish King and Queen.  He returned in March of 1493 and turned over … Continue reading

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1887 Croatan Indian Petition Signers

In 1887, the Croatan Indians, now the Lumbee, petitioned the state legislature to establish a normal school to train Indian teachers for the county’s tribal schools. With state permission, they raised the requisite funds, along with some state assistance, which … Continue reading

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Taint of Indian Blood

State v. Harris Melton & Ann Byrd, 44 NC 49 (1852). An indictment for fornication in Stanly Superior Court. The defendants pleaded not guilty and offered evidence of their marriage. “The controversy was concerning the color of the male defendant … Continue reading

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