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Osceola, Creek and Seminole Leader

Osceola painting by George Catlin. James McQueen was a Scots-Irish fur trader, the first to trade in 1714 with the Creek in Alabama.  He became closely involved with the Creek and married into the tribe.  James McQueen was the great-grandfather … Continue reading

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Creek Indian Mound Near Fort Decatur, Alabama

While watching this video of Fort Decatur, Alabama, I noticed the Indian Mound.  The history of the Fort is that is was built in 1812 where an Indian village was, or was nearby.  The gentleman who filmed this site says the … Continue reading

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Osceola Powell, Seminole Chief

The News Times in Fair Bluff, NC recently ran an article about Osceola, a Seminole Indian Chief who was born to a Creek or Waccamaw mother.  His white name was either John or Billy Powell, depending on who is telling … Continue reading

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1757 Letter from the Chiefs of the Catawba Nation to SC Governor Lyttleton

A letter signed on the 16th of June 1757 by the Chiefs of the Catawba Nation and several formerly separate tribes within that Nation, says, among much else, that: “Our brothers, the Cherocees, has sent us a tomahawk for to … Continue reading

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Mary Bosomworth, Creek Head Woman

From the South Carolina Dept. of Archives and History. Series: S213003 Volume – 002I Page – 00433 Item – 00 Date: 1752/09/23 Description: ASSEMBLED ESTATES OF THE UPPER CREEK NATION, TO ALL PERSONS, DECLARATION THAT THE ISLAND KNOWN COMMONLY … Continue reading

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Georgia Land Lotteries – Gold Grabbing

Georgia Cherokee lands in 1830 The Georgia Land Lotteries which spanned from 1805 to 1833 were one of the largest land grabs in eastern US, certainly the largest having to do with the 5 Civilized Tribes. In Georgia, this land belonged … Continue reading

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Native Study Website

I recently came across the Native Study website. This site has several books of transcribed original records.  For the most part, records deal with the following tribes: Cherokee Chickasaw Choctaw Creek Seminole Blackfeet Delaware Hopi Navajo Sioux However, a … Continue reading

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