Indian Jack and Whiskenboo

North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register Extracts

Please note that this document has been scanned and optically read.  This means that in places the old type may not have read or been interpreted correctly, causing anomalies in the print of this document.  If in question, refer to an original.

Vol. No. I, published quarterly
January, 1900
Historical and Genealogical Register

Pg 475

Dr. Joseph A. Groves of Selma, Ala., wants the first settlement of the two John Alstons, especially the elder, who removed to S. C. and died in 1719 near Charleston, he probably first settled in Nansemond or Norfolk Co., Va., about 1690-5, and partly raised his children there, before going South.  Will of Thomas Harris March 1672 in Isle of Wight Co., Va., mention “sons John and Thomas three other children all minors,” his widow married John Sojqmer in 1673.  John Saunders and Thomas Blake were in Isle of Wight Co., in 1681. John Alston administered on the estate of Jno. Harris and married the widow, daughter of Leonard Saunders about 1690.  His will mentions land laid off for Miss Hebecca Harris, also Fairwells land and Lady Blake’s.  The names of Indian Jack and Whiskenboo also appear.

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