John B. and Georgiana F. Collins – Indians

Collins Hertford Co

In the 1900 census in Winton Township, in Hertford County, NC, the John B. and Georgiana F. Collins family were listed as Indian.

John was born in June of 1843 and Georgiana in November of 1851.  They have been married 33 years and have had 11 children, 10 of whom are still living.  Six of their children, ages 24-8 live with them.

Utilizing Ancestry’s search feature, this is the only family in Hertford County designated as Indian in 1900.

In 1870 and 1880, this family is found in Hertford County and they are listed as mulatto.  Georgiana is noted as Frances which must have been her middle name.  In 1870 they live next door to a Jane Collins, age 50, also mulatto.

In 1880 John reports that he was born in NC, his father in VA and his mother in NC.  Frances and her parents were all born in NC.  They live next door to a Simon Collins, also mulatto.

I can’t find this family in 1860, but in 1850 they are in the northern district of Hertford Co., NC., listed as mulatto.  His father, William is age 40, a painter and his mother is Jane, age 30.

Hat tip to Justin for this family.

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  1. TARA POWELL says:

    are you stiill researching this family?

    do you know if william and jane ever moved to missouri?

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