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Using Tax Lists to Identify People of Color

Recently, put indexed Tennessee tax lists from 1783 to 1895 online.  Tax lists weren’t required to be saved, so these records are sporadic at best, but extremely valuable when they are still available. I’ve been using tax lists … Continue reading

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Indians and the Census 1790-2010

Census enumerators had a big influence on our genealogy records.  These people we don’t know decided who was of what race and recorded the family as such.  Most of the time, those records were sacrosanct.  I only know of one … Continue reading

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Cherokee Song of the Smokies

This YouTube video just makes my heart feel good.  My people are from the Smokies,  so far up the hollers that you can see someone coming for 2 miles or so and they cross 3 county and 2 state lines … Continue reading

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Are the First Depictions of Native Americans in the Vatican?

Christopher Columbus made landfall in 1492 – we all know that – and “discovered” the North American continent.  His voyage was financed by Ferninand and Isabella, the Spanish King and Queen.  He returned in March of 1493 and turned over … Continue reading

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Georgia Land Lotteries – Gold Grabbing

Georgia Cherokee lands in 1830 The Georgia Land Lotteries which spanned from 1805 to 1833 were one of the largest land grabs in eastern US, certainly the largest having to do with the 5 Civilized Tribes. In Georgia, this land belonged … Continue reading

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The Mouthbow – Making Music on a Weapon

Obu man playing the mouthbow Do you know what a mouthbow is?  It’s believed to be the oldest stringed instrument in the world.  It’s found in many indigenous cultures around the world.  A French cave painting about 15,000 years old … Continue reading

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Sometimes a surname is associated exclusively with Native people.  When you see that surname, you immediately know where it, and the family, came from.  This is the case with the Jeddore surname. Jeddore is a L’nu (Mi’kmaq) surname, that has also … Continue reading

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James Manly, an Indian born at Edenton

State of North Carolina, Craven County } To the Worshipfull, the Justices of Craven County The Petition of James Manly an Indian humbly represents to your Honor that he was free born at Edenton and that he never has been … Continue reading

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The French and the Indians

Have you ever wondered why so many Indians carry French surnames?  This is the case all across the US and Canada, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, literally, but very pronounced from New York through the northern Plains states and … Continue reading

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