DNA Test for $39

I have people of Native heritage write to me almost daily and tell me that they’d like to test their DNA but that they can’t afford the testing.  Unfortunately, there are no subsidized programs for DNA testing, but this is almost as good.

Beginning today, and only until February 28th, 2013, Family Tree DNA is offering a $39 DNA test for males, for the paternal line, meaning your surname line.

In an article published today, they indicate that reduced pricing will be offered later this spring for the maternal lines, so the women (maternal lines of men and women both) aren’t left out.

If you are the least bit interested, the prices have never been anyplace close to this low, so strike while the iron is hot!

If you’d like to order a DNA test, click here.

About Roberta Estes

Scientist, author, genetic genealogist. Documenting Native Heritage through contemporaneous records and DNA.
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4 Responses to DNA Test for $39

  1. Angie says:

    I would like to order this for my dad but he lives in SC and I need to be there to get it right. Is there another charge when I send it in and if not, once I purchase it can we send it in in a couple of months.

    • There is no additional charge of any kind except a $4 or $5 shipping fee. No charge to process it or to join projects or anything else. Yes, you can send it back in a few months with no problem. The only restriction is that it has to be ordered and paid for by the 28th.

  2. Delores Hornsby Beverly says:

    I see that DNA testing special price is over…..but my mom has progressive Alzheimer’s, my grandparents are not alive…..my mom always said we has Catawba Indian in us. My son has won a partial scholarship to Catawba College in NC….just found out. All of mom’s people lived in Rock Hill, SC and I have an half aunt living on the reservation in Rock Hill, I know that he may even be able to have more expenses taken off if there is some documentation that he has Catawba heritage. Is there a way I can find out?

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