Attamuskeet and Mustee Children Baptized 1767

Reverend Stewart’s last letter tells us that be baptized more Attamuskeet Indian children and that by this time, some were mustee.  A word no longer is use, at that time mustee meant admixed with Indian, and possibly Indian and black.

Colonial and State Records of North Carolina

Letter from Alexander Stewart to Daniel Burton

Stewart, Alexander, 1725-1772

October 03, 1767

Volume 07, Page 522

[N. C. Letter Book S. P. G.]

Letter from Mr. Stewart to the Secretary.

Bath North Carolina October 3rd 1767

Reverend Sir,

Since my last in April I thank God I am recovered from my tedious lameness beyond the expectation of every one that saw me I have since that baptized in this County 54 white and 13 black Infants and at Attamuskeet 154 white and seven indian and Mustee Children belonging to that place; Roanokes Island Hatteras Occacock &c and I have not much further to add (the state of my parish being much the same as last year) but to beg the indulgence of the Society in my drawing so often quarterly, for the province in general is so poor and this branch in particular that the Taxes are not to be collected for want of some circulating medium

I am Revd Sir &c


Hat tip to Sharron Brace for this document.


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