Journal of Bishop Spangenberg, 1752


Colonial and State Records of North Carolina

Journal of August Gottlieb Spangenberg’s voyage to North Carolina to establish a Moravian Settlement [Translation]

Spangenberg, August Gottlieb, 1704-1792

September 13, 1752 – January 08, 1753

Volume 05, Pages 1-14

——————– page 1 ——————–

[Translated from the Original in the Archives of the Moravian Church at Salem, N. C., by Rev. R. P. Lineback.]


Edenton Sept. 13. 1752.

The condition of the Indians in N. C. is rather a deplorable one. The tribe of Chowans is reduced to a few families. Their land has been taken away from them. The Tuscaroras live about 35 miles from here & are still in possession of a fine tract of land. They are a remnant of that tribe that waged war with N. C.; & then took refuge with the 5 Nations, & became incorporated with them. Those that have remained here are treated with great contempt, & will probably soon be entirely exterminated.

The Meherring Indians live farther to the West, & are also reduced to a mere handful. It would seem that a curse were resting upon them and oppressing them. Still farther to the West are the Catawbas. They have been at war with the 5 Nations. Beyond S. C. far to the South-west are the Cherokees, a strong tribe. They keep up connection with S. C. & make annual journeys thither to receive their “Presents.”

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