Beaufort Co., NC Native Records

Thanks to Kay Lynn Sheppard for extracting this information from her reference books.  If other folks would check their books for people noted as Indians, I’d be very grateful and so would our blog subscribers

Source: Beaufort Co., NC Deed Book 1, 1696-1729—Records of Bath County, North Carolina by Allen Hart Norris

    Page 15 (Item #36) – [no date] Lords Proprietors grant a survey to Capt. Nicholas Thomas Jones for 1900 acres for transporting 38 persons.  [Among those listed were] Betty an Indian woman, Ann a Mustee, Peter an Indian.

    Page 16 (Item #37) – [July 1, 1702] Cornelius Benington of Albemarle Co. appoints his friend Thomas Lepper of Pamtico, Bath Co., his attorney, to get from James Welsh of Bath Co. a barrel of pork or the value in skins now due unto him, by this Indian.  [I’m assuming that James Welsh is the Indian.]

    Page 33 (Item 181) [Sept. 10, 1707] – Bath County.  Tobias Knight an Indian, aged 12 years, of his own free will apprenticed himself to Charles Hopton until he is age 21.  At age 17 he is to have cows and calves good and merchantable.  At age 21 he is to have 2 good sows and pigs.  /s/ Tobias Knight [T] The Indian.

    Page 47 (Item 281) – [July 6, 1709] Robert Daniel of Bath Co. to Martha Wainwright for 5 shillings current money of NC and for love and affection delivers to Martha an Indian man named Guy, 3 negro men named Frank, George and Wan, a mustee woman named Diana, and negro woman named Maria

    Ibid (Item #282) – [July 6, 1709] Robert Daniel to Martha Wainwright for 5 shillings current money of NC and for the love and affection for my daughter Sarah born of the body of Martha, 3 negro men named Dego, Gratia, and Tom, an Indian man named Clytus, an Indian woman named Die.

    Ibid (Item 283) – [July 6, 2709] Robert Daniel of Bath Co., NC to Martha Wainwright for 5 shillings current money of NC and love & affection for my daughter Martha born of the body of Martha Wainwright, sell negro men Pompey, Peter, and Caesar, negro woman Kate & Indian man Cyrus.

 Source: In the Name of God, Amen!  Abstracts of Hyde Co., NC Wills; Probate 1709-1775 by Ellen A. Williams

    Page 8-9 – Cornelius Bell’s will dated Aug. 26, 1729 & probated at Dec. Court 1729.  Several bequests at the beginning of the will and then he gives his wife one Indian girl called Hanah.


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