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Kissiah Petitions to Become a Slave

Why would anyone want to be a slave?  When I first saw a court proceeding where a free person of color was petitioning to become a slave, I figured it must be: An anomaly and/or Because maybe their spouse was … Continue reading

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Betty, An Indian, A Free Woman By the Laws of Nature

Lisa Y. Henderson, on her blog, Fourth Generation Inclusive, posts this information about Negroe Dick found in Pasquotank County, NC in 1788. The Petition of Negroe Dick at present confined in the Common Gaol of the County: — by the next friend … Continue reading

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Petitions Involving Indians to Carolina Courts 1775-1867

A Guide to the Microfilm Edition of Black Studies Research Sources, Microfilms from Major Archival and Manuscript Collections, General Editor: John H. Bracey, Jr. Race, Slavery and Free Blacks, Series II, Petitions to Southern County Courts, 1775-1867, Part D: NC … Continue reading

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Freedom Suits in Virginia

The current exhibit at the Library of Virginia, “You have no Right:  Law and Justice in Virginia”  delves into the issue of Indian slavery in Virginia, both legal and illegal.  Many Native people were wrongfully enslaved.  They and their descendants … Continue reading

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The Dreaded “Middle East” Autosomal DNA Result

One of our blog followers, Ron, asked this question: “My late father and his brother were born and raised on Hatteras Island which was a very isolated community until relatively recent times. Curious about their genetic ancestry, I had my … Continue reading

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London Hazard, Revolutionary War Soldier

London Hazard was a slave.  Well, he was up until the Revolutionary War.  During the time of the Revolutionary War, a man could pay a substitute to serve in his place.  Most of the time, I’m not thinking that there is … Continue reading

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Who was Isaac Zane?

We found Isaac Zane mentioned in the  petition of the descendants of John Ward, a white man captured by the Indians as a youth and raised among them.  Isaac Zane was involved, but how and why?  We also discovered he … Continue reading

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