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The Legend of the Petoskey Stone

In the WWI draft registration records, I came across several men in Michigan who have the surname Petoskey from three different counties.  Living in Michigan, I know that our state stone is the very unusual Petoskey stone (fossilized coral, shown … Continue reading

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Michigand – Meshigand (The Chicken or the Egg?)

In the WWI draft records from 1917-1918, in Michigan, we find entries for two very interesting men.  Richard Michigand and William Meshigand, both from Menominee Co.  Of course, seeing these two surnames, I have to wonder if perhaps if the surname and the fact … Continue reading

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The Names, They Are A ‘Changin

I just love the Native names.  Working with these old records, we often see the names in transition from being Native in the Native language, then Native using English translations, then entirely English.  An example of an “in transition” name … Continue reading

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Oh Happy Day

What would you expect of someone named Happy Day?  If their nickname was Happy, I’d expect them to be either very upbeat or just the opposite.  Did someone give them the name because they were indeed happy, or because they … Continue reading

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