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Virginia Governor Spotswood’s Letter Regarding the Tuscarora War

From the Preston Davis papers: Found in these historic papers is a letter from Virginia’s Governor Spotswood to the King of England giving his perspective on the Tuscarora War – and who was involved.  It has long been speculated that … Continue reading

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Spotswood’s November 1713 Letter Regarding Tuscarora War Survivors

Many people think that most of the surviving southern band of the Tuscarora went to New York after the fall of Fort Neoheroka in March of 1713, a turning point in the Tuscarora War, or that they immediately settled with northern … Continue reading

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1731 – Tuscarora Raiding South Carolina Indians

Instructions to William Waties concerning the relationship between North Carolina and South Carolina and Native Americans Johnson, Robert, 1677-1735 April 10, 1731 Volume 11, Pages 23-25 ——————– page 23 ——————– [B. P. R. O. So: Carolina. B. T. Vol: 7. … Continue reading

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Tuscaroras and Monacans

On the 1755 Lewis Evans map, in what is today Amherst, Bedford and Nelson County, Virginia, areas, the Tuscarora or Monacans are clearly marked. The David Rumsey map collection allows you to navigate and zoom in and out on this … Continue reading

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George Washington Letter to the Tuscarora

The French and Indian War took place from 1754 to 1763.  During this time, a significant amount of land was disputed, and fighting took place primarily in these regions and in borderlands.  The Native American tribes were key players, often … Continue reading

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John Barnwell 1712 Letter Regarding Tuscarora War

As historians of early North Carolina know, John Barnwell, from South Carolina, along with the Indians loyal to South Carolina, laid waste to the Tuscarora in North Carolina during the Tuscarora War which began in 1711, continued through 1712 and 1713 … Continue reading

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The Tuscarora Surnames 1695 to 1892

While in the process of setting up the Tuscarora DNA project, I needed to find the names of the Tuscarora Indians who are documented in North Carolina before their removal to New York and in New York. The first part … Continue reading

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Tuscarora – The Ones That Stayed Behind

Tuscarora – The Ones That Stayed Behind …and Followed the River for Days and Days and Days… I think this is the most difficult introduction I have ever written, because it’s so hard to describe the sacred with mere human … Continue reading

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Fort Neoheroka 300 Years Later – Tuscarora Commemorative Monument

The Tuscarora War began in 1711, a result of European incursion onto Native lands and the capture and enslavement of Indian children, and ended in 1713 with the massacre of over 950 of the Tuscarora at Fort Neoheroka.  In total, over 2000 … Continue reading

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Christopher Gale’s Account of the Tuscarora War 1711

Colonial and State Records of North Carolina Warning – extremely graphic content. Letter from Christopher Gale to [his sibling], including a memorial concerning attacks by Native Americans Gale, Christopher, ca. 1679-1735 November 02, 1711 Volume 01, Pages 825-829 A LETTER FROM … Continue reading

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