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Clovis People Are Native Americans, and from Asia, not Europe

In a paper published in Nature today, titled “The genome of a Late Pleistocene human from a Clovis burial site in western Montana,” by Rasmussen et al, the authors conclude that the DNA of a Clovis child is ancestral to … Continue reading

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Charles “Chief” Albert Bender

Charles Albert “Chief” Bender was born on May 5th, 1883 at the White Earth Chippewa Indian Reservation, Brainerd, Minnesota. He was one of 13 children born to Mary Razor (Indian name: Pay shaw de o quay), who was of half … Continue reading

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Dictionary of the Otchipwe Language, 1853

A Dictionary of the Otchipwe Language, Explained in English. This Language is Spoken by the Chippewa Indians, as also by the Otawas, Potawatamis and Algonquins, with Little Difference. For the Use of Missionaries, and Other Persons Living Among the Above … Continue reading

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Chief Pontiac

Did you grow up thinking of a car when you heard the word Pontiac?  I surely did.  We had several.  However, I vividly remember the profile on the logo on the car of an Indian. I came across the Pontiac … Continue reading

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1836 Halfbreed Ottawa and Chippewa Census – the Hidden Stories

I’ve just finished entering the names on the 1836 Census of Ottawa and Chippewa Halfbreeds (Michigan) into the Native Names document.  Here’s the link to the original source if you want to take a look. and There is … Continue reading

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The Piquettes and their Bad Decade

The Piquette family was having a bad decade, or so it seems.  In the 1836 Halfbreed Chippewa and Ottawa census, there were several people enumerated by the last name of Piquette.  Several had unusual situations which tell us something of their history. Several … Continue reading

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1836 Census of Ottawa and Chippewa Halfbreeds (Michigan)

The 1836 Census of Ottawa and Chippewa Halfbreeds is quite an interesting document.  The purpose was to determine who was to be paid and how much as a result of an 1836 Treaty with the Ottawa and Chippewa wherein they expressed … Continue reading

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